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125: What to Expect During Pageant Interview

Pageant interview is the only phase of competition that happens behind closed doors, so it’s hard to know what to expect in there. Especially if you’ve never really seen it done right. There are the obvious expectations of format, like sitting, standing, 1:1, panel; and the physical environment like if the interview will be in a hotel conference room or a school cafeteria and whether or not there will be a podium or other props. That stuff is good to know. I recommend asking your director all those questions before you get to the pageant so you have an idea of what to expect.

But still, regardless of all those things, there are some universal truths that you can expect. That’s what we’re about to discuss. If you know these universal expectations, then it won’t matter the setting or format – you’ll be able to rock your interview!

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What to Expect

1. You will be nervous.
2. The time will go by way faster than you will even know – if fact, you may actually think they jipped you on the time.
3. The judges are real life humans. They may misspeak, say your name wrong,
4. Some questions will be pre-planned, others will be impromptu or in-the-moment
5. There will be no applause when you enter or exit. Nor will there be reactions or feedback – ever. Basically, you have no absolute way of truly knowing how you did nor will you ever be able to do that exact interview again in the same way. Once it’s done, it’s done forever.
6. The judges are going to love you – even if they decide not to pick you. Expect acceptance and they’ll likely deliver.
7. You’ll forget everything as soon as you start a new activity. So, take notes about the questions they asked and what came up for you before you forget. 

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