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126: Pageant Interview Tips: What Not to SAY

Your pageant interview is going to fly by. Not only is it fast, but interview is like living in a time-warp where every minute feels like 5 seconds. So, you have to be sure you maximize every moment and communicate like a pro.

Today, we’re going to cover the things that many women accidentally or nervously say that stand to waste your time and annoy your judges.

Here are 5 tips on what not to say in your pageant interview:

1 – Do not say great question.

It wastes time and adds no value.

2 – Do not repeat the question.

It wastes time and slows the energy and flow of the interview.

3 – Do not share gossip – not about you, your family, your friends, nor celebrities.

If you find yourself saying, I heard that she… or They say she… stop yourself and start again with something about you.

4 – Do not tell lies. Even if you wish they were true.

If you hate pancakes, don’t say you’ll eat them on the iHop fundraiser day. If you plan on changing your platform for the state pageant, don’t act like you won’t. If you aren’t a huge fan of small children, you don’t have to say you hate them, just focus on how you love to interact with adults.

5 – Do not give cliche answers.

Most cliche answers are built around stereotypes, which lump people together. You need to stand out, so if a cliche comes into your head, make sure you explain it from your own personal perspective.

Bonus Tips!

6 – Do not say you’ll get back to them about something you don’t know.

That is one of the most annoying answers of all because the likelihood of that actually happening is 1% and even if you did get back to them, the judge won’t care about your answer after the pageant. Instead, just say you don’t know.

7 – Do not compromise your values.

If you end up losing because of your personal values, be grateful that you didn’t win. If you win based on a compromise, you’ll have a horrible year. If someone asks about your stance on the Bible, tell them honestly with love and compassion. Don’t give up what is precious to you to please a bunch of strangers.

Don’t forget to share this with a friend who could use some encouragement and I’ll see you on the next Win A Pageant Wednesday. Love ya lots! kiss

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