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127: Pageant Interview Tips: What Not to DO

Last week, we covered what not to say in your pageant interview. This week, we’re going to talk about what not to do. In most cases, judges want a woman that is relatable. When you show up as an extremist, it is uncomfortable to the judges.

There are 3 spectrums at play that you have to manage with self-control and patience so you don’t end up on the extreme ends of the spectrums.

1. The first spectrum is movement.

It ranges from standing like a statue to compulsively rocking, fidgeting, or spinning around. Both of these extremes are unnatural. The middle-ground is standing comfortably, walking around when it’s appropriate, talking lightly with your hands, and calmly looking the judges in the eyes.

2. The second spectrum is emotion.

It ranges from raging tears or uncontrollable laughter to stoic, stone-face with a flat tone. The over-emotional extreme comes off as intimidating and out of control. The under-emotional extreme comes off as un-relatable and lacking interest. The middle-ground is sharing a dynamic series of emotional responses without letting your emotions get the best of you.

3. The third spectrum is talking.

It ranges from fast and long-winded speech-like answers to one-worded responses. Long-winded answers usually mean fewer questions get asked, therefore the judges from getting to know you through a wide range of questions. The one-worded answers don’t allow you to express your true self. The middle-ground is giving enough time to answer without confusion. Some questions will naturally need more time to explain than others. With practice, you’ll gain a better sense of appropriate timing, but most questions can be answered in about 15-30 seconds.

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