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161: Passions Across America with Amanda Price

My guest today is the beautiful Amanda Price of who recently completed my Inner Circle coaching program with the Pageant Interview Game Plan

In her words, “As Miss Crown of Tennessee, I had it all. I was going to law school, publishing another article, going to events, and traveling across the United States as President of the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society. But something was missing. I wasn’t giving back, and I felt very unfulfilled. I made the decision to start volunteering when I traveled. With my new will to volunteer, the Summer of Service was born.

“The Summer of Service was a project that allowed me to serve and volunteer in all 50 states. When I traveled for business, I would also spend time volunteering. Volunteering in this capacity allowed me to work with many different groups, support many different causes, and encourage so many people across the country to get involved in their own communities.

“I was inspired by how much of a difference one summer was able to make, but no one really knew what was happening except for the people that I was volunteering with. Something this good just had to be shared, so I started a blog and with it Passions Across America was born. “Through blogging, I’m able to share my experiences with different organizations, raise money for their causes, and recognize the wonderful people that make all of this possible. I’m also able to showcase other people and causes near and dear to their hearts.” – Amanda Price,

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