Win A Pageant

35: The Comprehensive Pageant Preparation Plan

episode-35-featured-imageIn this episode, I share with you the 4 phases of pageant preparation that I use for my clients to prepare them comprehensively. This outline could be shoved into a shorter outline of time, but in the best-case scenario, we’d have at least 6-8 months of prep time before the pageant. I’ll break it all down for you in this episode.

12-8 months before the pageant:

1. Foundation: You – paperwork, interview, on-stage personality, take an inventory (6-8 months before)
2. Foundation: Purpose – legacy project, marketing plan Goals (6-8 months before)
3. Foundation: Goal – $, #, % (6-8 months out) 

8-4 months before the pageant:

4. Communication: Paperwork – communicating your goals and purpose

5. Communication: Public Speaking – interview and on-stage question

6. Communication: Presence (stage modeling and fitness) 

4-2 months before the pageant:

7. Representation: Wardrobe – branded with what you want to communication

8. Representation: Photographs

9. Representation: Marketing (social media, tickets sold, network) 

Month of the pageant:

10. Implementation: Pageant week – putting it all together (leading your team, leading your judges, leading your directions)

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