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43: The 3 Reasons Women Lose Pageants

episode-43-featured-imageAfter every pageant, the women that lose always have the same reasons for why they didn’t win. In this episode, I break down the actual reasons women lose pageants (it’s 1 of 3 or some combination of them). Plus, I teach you how you can avoid these so you can win.


3 – Unrealistic Expectations

This could be the misbelief that it’s easy. They’ve seen relatives and friends compete and think it’s easy. Especially when they see someone who waltzes on stage and she does it with excellent grace. This is very similar to when you go to a circus that is awesome. When you’ve seen a performance that looks unbelievably amazing, it looks easy. That’s the art of the pageantry. If you believe that it’s easy, that is truly an unrealistic expectation. There’s also the stereotypes that pageant girls are dumb, making it seem easy to win. Finally, there’s a misunderstanding of the process, misunderstanding what might be expected. You actually have to put in something to get something out. 

2 – Not willing to Invest Time and Money

There is something blocking their desire to invest in themselves and the pageant. There is often the misbelief that pageantry is cheap. You shouldn’t have to invest a whole lot in attire or training. The truth is, it really does demand investment. 

Where you lack the investment of finances, you need to make up in the investment in time. And vice versa.

I offer a variety of programs and packages that are based on that fact. Figure out where you have the time and resources to do this. Another misbelief is that pageantry is expensive. That’s also not true! It took me about 10 years to get where I am now. I competed in the pageants that I knew would have financial outcomes for me – scholarships, etc. I would then use that money to compete again the next year 🙂 It was an investment. Finally, there is a misunderstanding about the investment process. You can’t throw money at it to make it work. You’ve got to give in order to get. 

1 – Imposter Syndrome

This is the number one reason! An imposter is when you feel like you are doing something that you really don’t connect with, pretending to be somebody that you’re not. This could be the misbelief of your own personal strengths, what you’re good at or not so great at it. There is also the misunderstanding of the pageant industry – you may be confused where you fit in. Remember, confidence comes from experience. By competing, putting yourself in a variety of experiences, speaking with different people, you’ll become more confident. And when you have that experience, you’ll realize that you are not an imposter.

And that, ladies, is how you win a pageant. 

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