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5: 3 Things To Make or Break Your Pageant Interview

In your pageant interview, the judges are expecting you to be prepared to communicate your best self during your interview. That means, whether it’s 2 minutes or 20 minutes, the responsibility is on you. Therefore, you have to be in control of the values you want to communicate, the stories you want to share, and how you will make an impact as the new titleholder.  I’ll teach you the top three things you should communicate during your interview. You can prepare and practice these in advance so that you have an incredible interview and feel confident that you communicated who you are.

When you are in control of your interview, you’re able to steer it in the direction you want to go.

Like when you’re on a date and you want this guy to know you lived abroad, you steer the conversation toward travel and Europe and does he speak another language until you have the chance to tell the story! That’s exactly what I want you to do in your interview.

If you have prepared these three stories before your interview, you’ll be able to feel confident to communicate your best self, you’ve done your job. 

#1 – Accolade

Something that you’ve done that is really awesome! This proves your success and showcases your ability to accomplish great things. (examples: wrote a book, performed at Radio City Music Hall, gave a speech to 2,000 people)

Question to discover your accolade: What have you accomplished that makes you proud? 

#2 – Heart Story

Something that showcases you passion and mission to make an impact on the world. Think deeply about your impact.

Questions to discover your heart story: How will your presence change lives? How has your life changed? 

#3 – Marketing Plan

Something that broadens your scope and exemplifies the legacy you’ll leave as a titleholder.

Question to discover your marketing plan: How can  you combine your contacts and abilities to make a bigger impact as a representative of the pageant?

These stories are also awesome for media interviews and anytime you are invited to attend an event. You always want to remain in control of your communication,

because that, ladies, is how you win a pageant! 

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