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54: Answers to Your Pageant Questions

Podcast Cover Photos-19Today’s episode is a little different.  I get a lot of questions over email and social media. Quick questions that have a pretty short and to-the-point answer. I always respond to anyone who messages or emails me – so please don’t be shy if you have a question!

A few weeks ago, I posted some answers to your questions on YouTube, and I wanted to make sure you got the answers here, too. These are really great questions – most of them are about wardrobe choices for various phases of competition, and there’s one whammy one at the end about current events.

If you ever have quick questions, send me a message online or over email to [email protected]

Pageant Questions that are answered in this episode:

+ What are the best colors for interview outfits?
+ Do I have to get the nude ‘tippy top’ shoes for swimsuit?
+ Does it matter if I wear shiny or dull (matte) shoes for interview?
+ Is it okay to have my evening gown not quite touch the floor?
+ If I’m competing in the same pageant two years in a row, can I wear the same dress, fun fashion, swimwear, etc?
+ Do I have to get hair extensions?
+ What kind of make-up should I use?
+ What are good snacks to have backstage during my pageant?
+ How can I avoid/treat blisters at the pageant?
+ Other than watching the news, are there any great resources for catching up on current events?

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