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59: Making Pageants Important Enough to Win

Podcast Cover Photos-14In episode 57, we talked about the difference between the dreamers and the do-ers. Most women dream of accomplishments, but only the women in the top 10% actual take action to accomplish their goals. Then in episode 58, we talked about how to stop procrastinating the things you want to accomplish with a strategy to get more done, like a high-level competitor has to in order to be successful. In today’s episode, we’re talking about another potential roadblock to your success, and that is: not making pageantry important.

There’s no doubt that if your 5-year old son woke up with a fever and bumps all over his arms, you’d cancel work meetings, tell them you’re not coming and demand to get an appointment with the pediatrician. But, if he just woke up cranky, you’d tell him, “Hunny, mommy loves you; put on your shoes; you’re going to school today.”

If your best friend suggested you order pizza with olives and you hate olives, you’d whine until she agreed to order it half-with and half-without, but if the guy you liked made the exact same suggestion, you’d shut your mouth and choke them down!

If your doctor tells you to lose 30 pounds or be dead in a year, you’ll join a gym, hire the most expensive trainer and start drinking shakes for breakfast. But eating salads for dinner and skipping your nightly glass of wine after a long day to lose 5 pounds for your friend’s wedding….not so easy.

The only difference in each of these scenarios is the level of importance placed on the intended outcome. If the outcome is important like healing your child, impressing your crush, or saving your life, our natural survival instincts kick in and immediate and impressive action is required to ensure your success. 

So, why is it that women don’t take impressive action to win pageants?
Because, it’s not important enough to them.

First, the culture of our world paints pageantry as an unimportant hobby, something that only silly blonde girls do to play dress up and pretend to be a princess. This image is obviously erroneous to those of us that have put in the work to climb the ladder of impact and success. But, it certainly shapes the minds of women at the starting line.

Second, when the hard work happens behind the scenes, and all that’s seen is the performance…and, of course, a true professional makes their work look easy and effortless, it’s easy to fool yourself into believing that it is in fact easy and effortless. It’s like when you watch a famous A-list actor write, perform, and produce several movies in one year; or a professional model on the cover of a magazine – they make it look so easy, you think “I could do that.”

Third, when we don’t know what true gold lies at the end of the arch of the rainbow, it’s hard to start the climb up the rainbow.

If something is not important, it’s easy to just sit back and keep peacefully dreaming.

When we know the value and importance of something, it immediately moves to the top of our list of priorities.

Everything that’s important has a strategy and an investment of time, money, and/or energy – everything!

For example, even the basic daily task of picking out your clothes for the day… you don’t need a strategy for that…unless:

  • You’re giving a big presentation at work that could land you a promotion.
  • You sit next to your crush in your Tuesday-Thursday 8am Speech class.
  • You want to go straight to work after you leave the gym and need to take everything with you.

These situations make choosing an outfit very important, and for that you have a strategy, your willing to invest in something of quality, and you take the time to make it happen.

There are lots of women that compete in pageants, but most women – 90% – don’t see it as important enough to have a strategy and invest the time, money, and effort in order to win. They believe it’s either silly to even try, ought to be easy, or not worth their investment.

Let me ask you where you stand right now? For the last 2 weeks, I’ve offered FREE Strategy Calls. This is a 30-minute phone call with me, which normally costs about $100, for free where I help you to discover a strategy for your pageant. 

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If you are a pageant contestant wanting to win and you have not yet signed up for this, it’s likely because you believe that either:

A. it’s too silly to need a strategy
B. it should be natural and people don’t really have strategies and coaches to win
C. it’s not worth the effort that it would take

I want you to ask yourself honestly, where do you stand? Which lie are you believing? When you can identify where you stand, you’ll know what’s holding you back from your success.

When I first started competing, I was under the belief that the most naturally talented, beautiful woman would win. And I thought I was that natural beauty…maybe, so it was worth a shot. I didn’t really do much work, so it didn’t work and I didn’t win.

Once I realized that people did put in effort, I assumed it was worth the effort, so I started working on things I thought was what others were working on. I still didn’t think I needed an Olympic strategy with weekly coaching.

Until….I competed in my first national pageant and realized that everyone else had an Olympic Strategy and weekly coaching.

That’s when I started to fully go all in! I got the strategy, I paid for the coaching, and I put in the work, and knew exactly the real prize I was after.

I see these three things come up in my clients all the time. These are deep-seeded beliefs that must be uprooted and replaced with powerful, specific actions in a strategy for success.

As a side note, it’s okay if pageants aren’t a priority in your life. Like, if you’re having a baby or moving across country to a new job, or battling a life-threatening illness, or a host of other reasons, things things are more important than a pageant right now. 

Because if pageants aren’t important to you, you won’t do the work necessary to truly win.

And, that my dear is how you win a pageant. 

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