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64: 15 Must-Have Pageant Products

In this episode, I break down some of the most important products that every pageant woman needs. Most of these products, you’ll buy just once and use over the over again. You can buy them all on Amazon most of them are available for Prime members and if you bought them all at once, it’d cost less than $200 and you’d be set for a full year of appearances and competitions. These are also great to add to your birthday, Christmas, or send-off party wishlist. And, directors, these would make great a great gift bag for newly crowned queens.

I’ll explain the little tricks to how I’ve used each so you aren’t lost at all.

Here is the full list of products on Amazon.


L’Oreal Sublime Self Tanner, $10
This is an easy-to-apply lotion with a bronzer so you can see where it’s been applied. For competition, I usually applied it the night before I left for orientation, slept in it, then showered off in the morning and applied again toward the end of the week as a second layer. Always test your tanner 2 months before your pageant so you can tell how it goes on and how even it stays on your body.

Friction Block, $5
This looks like a mini deodorant and feels like candle wax. You put it on the areas of your foot where your shoes rub and it allows your strap to slide over without the friction that causes blisters, hence Friction Block, though it is often called Blister Block. It definitely works, but I sometimes had to reapply it throughout the day, so I recommend taking it with you in your purse so that you can put it on at any time.

Demi Wispies EyeLashes, $15 for set of 6
These are the most common fake eyelashes used because they can look really full yet natural. They are strips versus individual lashes, which make them easier to apply and remove quickly. You could re-wear them and in many cases, I have, but they are designed to be disposable.

Brush-On Lash Adhesive, $7
The easiest way to apply your lashes is with a brush-on glue it’s called a lash adhesive’ and the brush on one is sorta like a nail polish brush so you aren’t dumping glue all over the counter and using a bobby pin to apply it… that was all of us in the 90’s. This is sold in clear, white and dark colors. I prefer the clear or white so I can tell when it’s dried, but then you have to go over it with a dark pencil.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Makeup, $11
This stuff is amazing! It’s like an airbrush foundation for your body! You just gently spray it on your legs and softly spread it over your legs like you would foundation on your face. Don’t rub it in because it’s not a self tanner, it’s designed to hide your purple veins and even out your skin tone. I wore it to a cocktail party once and my girlfriend complimented me on my pantyhose…I told her pantyhose are for old people, this is airbrush leg make up 😉



Sew-in Foam Bra Cups, $6
I fell in love with these sew-in bra cups when I had a cup size smaller than an A. I sewed them into every piece of my competition wardrobe and they not only gave me some gorgeous, proportional oomph, but I didn’t have to worry about a bra, bouncing, or switching the same pair between wardrobe. You could even stitch them into your actual bras if you wanted to save yourself $7,000 on plastic surgery they are that good!

Spanx Power Panties, $40
Spanx are a great product! Not because they hold in fat rolls, which they barely do, but because they even out fat rolls to make your body look even under your clothes. I don’t recommend relying on them to give you a great body, because there are better ways to actually get a great body, but Spanx are on the list because they help evening gowns and interview outfits look smooth even when they are super fitted. It helps soften the thigh jiggle that we all have, plus, it’s nice to have something on backstage when you’re changing wardrobe. Just be careful because they tend to leave a body line at the seams if you where them for an hour that could ruin your swimsuit walk.

Non-Slip Shoe Sticker, 10 pairs for $11
If you don’t wear your competition heels outside, which no one really does, then the bottom soles of your shoe will always remain slick. I added these non-slip shoe stickers to the bottom of all of my competition shoes so I didn’t have to risk a slip and fall. They even worked great for my jazz shoes for talent when the floor was wooden or tile instead of marble. They are inexpensive and worth it for the peace of mind.

Non-Slip Shoe Insert for Comfort, $8/pair
For the inside of your shoe, use these comfortable gel stickers. They adhere to the inside sole of your shoe and keep the ball of your foot cushioned without sliding forward. There are so many types of these, so find one that works for you and buy a ton of them!

Fashion Fabric Double-Sided Tape, $10
Double-sided tape is used to tape fabric to fabric, like the lining of your gown or sash to the shoulder of your dress. You won’t know that you need it until you put your outfit on and something isn’t quite laying right, so have it handy in your backstage kit so you can get to it quickly when the time is right.

I haven’t found a double-sided tape that worked on my sweaty body to keep a heavily beaded dress from drooping or to keep your bikini from riding, for that, you’ll need….

Bikini Bite Butt Glue, $9
It’s rather graphic to apply. The best method is to put your bottoms on and visualize where you want them to lay, then pull them up like you have a weggie and apply the adhesive. If you’re using the roll-on one, make sure you let it dry for 10 seconds or so then, one cheek at a time, gently position your bikini in place. Wherever you put it is where it will stay. I prefer the roll on for precision, but these also come in a spray version. Either way, when you’re done with swimsuit competition, use a baby wipe to remove the adhesive before putting on a new outfit or the new outfit will stick to it, too!



ESteam Hand Steamer, $59
You’ll have to have a steamer for your clothing, and my favorite is the e-steam hand steamer. It’s so easy to travel with in your suitcase. You fill it with water and plug it in when you arrive. Just be sure to unplug it when you’re done so it doesn’t catch fire.

Extension Cord/Power Strip, $10
Backstage it seems everyone is fighting for outlets, to charge their phone, to curl their hair, to steam their dress… so most women bring a power strip that they are willing to share with women around them. Make sure you have one for yourself and write your name on it (that’s why I like to buy a white one) so that you have priority when you’re ready to heat your iron.

Hot-Fix Rhinestone Applicator, $14
For my DIY girl, if you are adding stones to your wardrobe, the best way is with hot-fix stones and this rhinestone applicator. It resembles a glue gun. You plug it in to warm it up and then use the small tip end to lift a rhinestone allowing it to heat the back of the rhinestone where the glue is already placed, then set it into place on your wardrobe and when you lift it up the rhinestone stays glued to the fabric. You can buy these hot-fix rhinestones that come with the ready-to-heat glue on the backs. The alternative is rhinestones that you have to put glue on, but they are a real pain.

Garment Hanging Rack, $16
Sometimes you’ll benefit from brining a garment hanging rack to your pageant. Especially if you’re sharing a room and you need to share a closet or it your dressing room has limited or no hanging space. Most pageants provide some racks, but it can’t hurt to have your own if you can travel with it to your pageant.

For small stuff, get the one that is just one bar and bottom shelf, $16, just know they aren’t as sturdy as the ones that have a bottom and top shelf.

If you have an extra heavy gown or tons of wardrobe, get the one with the bottom and top shelves, $45

15 fabulous products, that, my dear, is how you win a pageant.

Not that you have to have all these products to win, but they certainly do relieve a lot of stress during the competition.
If you have some additional products that you think are absolutely vital, please leave a comment and let me know your favorites.

P.S. I believe in every one of these products and I hope you love them. If you decide to buy them, I may receive a small affiliate commission.


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