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7: 12 Tips to Display Charisma like James Bond

episode-7-featured-imageYou’ve heard this a million times, “She’s got it!” “There’s just something about her…” “Wow – She’s just wow.” It’s the ‘It Factor’; the attractive quality that someone exudes which makes you want to be near them, befriend them, or perhaps choose them for the title or a promotion. You know it when you see it. So…what is ‘it’?!  It’s Charisma! Charisma is a unique combination of characteristics, which allow an individual to standout in a crowd, appeal to an audience, and grab the attention of judges and others.

It’s no secret that charisma has the power to persuade. If you’ve ever seen a James Bond movie, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m going to teach you 12 ways you can project James-Bond Style Charisma…get it? Episode 007? James Bond?

Charisma is something that anyone can exude at all times. Meaning, it has nothing to do with looks, education, skills, etc. It is really more of an attitude.

I’ve created a list of 12 specific things that can help you develop that ‘it-factor’ charisma.

Let’s jump in! 

1. Expect Acceptance

If you expect others to accept you, they will note your presence and provide you respect. If you over-compensate and try to gain their acceptance it will come off as needy and you will unintentionally lose their respect. Whenever you enter the interview room, a cocktail party, or a networking function, always expect to be accepted by all. 

2. Accept Yourself – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Everyone has insecurities. Usually people are too concerned about their own insecurities to worry about yours. Acknowledge your own insecurities, then, get over it! Change what you can; accept what you can’t with a smile. 

3. Control your Attitude

Your attitude toward the world is a direct reflection of your character. Always show a pleasant look, nod politely when others talk, and smile a lot! Make others feel comfortable being around you and they will appreciate your positive attitude. 

4. Control your Emotions

Emotions have the tendency to be over-dwelled on irrational thoughts. Learn what triggers your emotions (laughter, tears, and anger) and ask yourself “will this matter to me in 3 months?” If not, then dismiss irrationality. If it is a life-altering emotional reaction, allow yourself space and time to express your emotions and adjust accordingly. 

5. Stand like a Model – All the Time

The way you feel about yourself is often the way others will feel about you. Project a positive self-image with a tall, confident posture; lengthen your back and neck, relax your facial muscles, stand like your photo is always being taken. 

6. Learn to Tell a Story

People tend to remember visual images better than just words. By using an anecdote to make a point, people will remember you longer, and be more interested in your words. 

7. Dress the Part

Images help people categorize their thoughts. Actors ‘dress the part’ when they audition for coveted roles so that the casting director will type-cast them. Be intentional about choosing your image. Whether you’re going to the gym or to the grand ball – dress the way you want to be perceived. 

8. Own Your Mistakes (and Accomplishments)

Mistakes prove attempts. Admitting you were wrong (or right!) proves your wisdom. Own up to your mistakes and accomplishments by giving credit where credit is due, explaining the lessons you learned, and encouraging others to also try something new. 

9. Simply Respond

Don’t feel like you have to have an answer to every question you’re asked. Be prepared to just respond naturally and reflectively. If you know yourself well, you’ll be comfortable responding to any question – with or without an actual answer. 

10. Grow Thick Skin

Criticism is a great learning tool – whether or not the supplier means it to be. Filter all the criticism you receive to see if it is something you can learn from. If it applies, modify your behavior; if it doesn’t apply, let it fly. 

11. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Preparation is key to comfort, credibility, and advancement. Know the names of people you’ll meet in social situations. Review key points of a topic prior to the meeting. Brace yourself for inevitable changes. Do all this in advance of the important meeting, interview, press conference, or social engagement. 

12. Be in the Moment

Busy people love to multitask, but they can seem distracted when engaging with people and giving your best. Make a conscious effort to devote yourself completely to the task at hand or the people you’re with before moving onto the next item on your to-do list. Taking the time to be in the moment will allow you to better connect with others, their concerns, and your purpose.

If you read this through every day, I’m certain you’ll start gaining electrifying Charisma —

and that, ladies, is how you win a pageant! 

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