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73: How to Let the Judges Know You're Ready to Win Your Pageant

podcast-cover-12Did anyone ever tell you to use your interview to let the judges know that you are truly ready for the win? Me neither. It was my 3rd year of competition that someone finally told me that this is a thing: That women actually showcase to the judges that they are ready to take on the responsibility of the title.

It was a shock to me, but when I thought about it: just because you are competing doesn’t mean your really ready for it. In my first 3 years of competition, I was not ready for it. I wanted it still, but I wasn’t really ready to make it worth anyone’s while.

Now, from the judge’s perspective I know why this is so important. A judge doesn’t want to choose someone that isn’t truly ready to take on the responsibility of the year because it’s not fair to her and also not going to move the pageant forward either. Why would they choose a girl who’s bumbling around when they could choose someone who’s on a path of readiness.

Imagine if you won Miss USA right now and you were catapult into the limelight instantly. What’s your plan to actually succeed? What is your number one goal? Who should you reach out to? What should you say in media interviews? Imagine not having a purpose wouldn’t that turn into an awful year?! And then your year as Miss USA, instead of catapulting your future toward your goals with a solid purpose, you’d be drained of energy, wasting time until you could go back to where you were before all of this excitement.

To be Ready is to have a Purpose and in this episode,
I’m going to break down for you what ready really looks like from the judge’s perspective.

Most women think they have to be kind, be a role model, be fun or funny, and able to travel. Those are all really lovely things and hopefully you have some of those qualities, but for those of you that have watched women compete for 3 or 5 years and finally win, you could surmise that they didn’t become kinder or funnier or more able to travel. What they did was become Ready for their title.

If the judges selected someone who was nice and a role model and able to travel, she could end up smiling in front of a bunch of children with her bags packed… but never truly accomplish anything all year. That’s not what we want. We want someone who’s ready to take on the world, ready to achieve great things and leave a legacy! Specifically, your judges want a woman who has a clear goal, who takes action consistently toward her goal, and has a plan to collaborate with the pageant title to further achieve that goal.

At most pageants, only 50% of contestants have a clear goal. Even fewer have a collaborative plan, but what lacks most is a woman who takes consistent action. Do all three of these and you are in the top 10% for sure. Let’s unpack what each of these looks like: 

Have a Clear Goal:

A clear goal is a measurable outcome that you want to lead the march onto. The more specific, the better. One of my clients’ goals is to increase literacy in the home by teaching parents to read to their children in ways that improved reading skills quickly.

Take Consistent Action:

The consistent action she took was first to write a book that simultaneously taught parents how to read while reading to their children.

Have a Collaborative Plan:

Her plan as a state titleholder was to do a book tour across all the public libraries and donate her book as she went. She is currently doing that very thing as Mrs. Oregon United States.

Another client of mine wanted to encourage a healthy lifestyle changes for people that struggle with healthy food choices. She collected healthy recipes from influential women across the nation and put them together into a cookbook. Her plan was to leverage her title to get in front of more people to showcase these healthy recipes. She did just that as Ms. US Universal she just got a monthly cooking show on a local television station.

Having a goal, taking consistent action, and collaborating on a plan will let your judges know you are ready to use your title to the fullest.

And that my dear is how you win a pageant. 

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