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74: 4 Pageant Interview Myths and How to Avoid Them

episode-74-featured-image In  today’s episode, we’re talking all about your interview. Maybe you’ve never competed in a pageant before and you want to get a jump start on what to expect or you’ve done tons of interviews and you’re looking to up your game a bit. This episode is perfect no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on.If you’ve been searching for training to help you win your pageant, or tracked the success of other pageant women, you know of the power of an interview to not just win over the judges but to win the whole pageant.

Maybe you’ve even sat on a panel as one of those judges and were wow-ed by a contestant and excited to choose her as the winner! So, why does the idea of pageant interview make you nervous? It’s usually one of these three reasons…

+ You don’t mind putting in some effort, but you hate watching the news and talking current events.
+ You love the idea of making a genuine connection, but doubt your ability to communicate what you really want to say.
+Your great at talking to people, but as soon as it’s an interview’ you clam up.

Pageant women (like you and me) don’t have the luxury of throwing away a single SECOND of the interview they are so short so you have to maximize every moment. If you’ve ever done a pageant interview before, you know that scary feeling of not knowing what the judges are thinking or how you did until finals (Ugh! The worst, right?). You have to know what your doing is the right thing and that your strategy works.

In my experience, I’ve found that 4 major myths are to blame for that awful pit-of-the-stomach feeling that you get before your interview that leads to no crown at all. I’m going to debunk those myths for you, and show you how to replace them with truly effective strategies that will actually reward your hard work and have you blowing kisses from stage in your new pageant crown.

Myth #1: Interview is a natural skill (and not a trained strategy)

What most pageant women think of as the interview phase is really just a small fraction of what they really entail. Most women view interview as just showcasing your personality naturally. In fact, the personality aspect is really only about 20% of an entire, well-designed interview STRATEGY.

A truly effective interview strategy involves 4 Key Stages (preparation, planning, performance, practice), all of which MUST be executed in perfect harmony in order for judges to see you as someone worthy of the title.
In short, your interview isn’t an isolated phase of competition, but the major component to an entire system with many moving parts, specific goals, and subtle characteristics to pull out at just the right time.

My pageant interview system is so much more than just a list of questions with exciting answers. Specifically, my interview system includes strategic development of all elements of the pageant from myself and the judges to the pageant mission itself, all coordinated around my personal themes and story development. It also includes a leadership style to guide the judges, communication skills that develop connection, a focus on pageant marketing and collaborative planning with consistent actions, and so much more.

And when everything lines up perfectly, you suddenly grab hold of a simple, effective engine that becomes the foundation of your pageant competition and gives you the opportunity to perform consistently across all phases of competition.

Myth #2: Interview Prep is a TON of Effort and Super CONFUSING (and that’s why everyone’s nervous)

Ok, interviews AREN’T easy. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be simple when you have the right A-Z blueprint that leaves nothing to chance. From the best ways to articulate your greatest strengths to knowing exactly how to respond to the toughest questions, a step-by-step blueprint can take an otherwise COMPLEX strategy and make it achievable for even the busiest pageant woman.

And for the woman that has such a blueprint, she’s not nervous. Plus the fact that everyone else is nervous and confused gives her a huge competitive advantage; she has the unique opportunity to be the BEST in comparison to every other contestant since she has the keys to confidently nail her interview.

Yes, executing a pageant interview strategy requires effort…but you’ve already proven that you’re willing to put in effort you just want to be sure that all the energy you put into this plan will not be wasted, but will lead you closer to the crown.

What you CAN’T afford to do is waste time and energy continuing to figure it out’ on your own through Google searches, watching the news every night, and practice a zillion questions…

Which leads me to the next myth….

Myth #3: I’m fine; I’m a people-person and I practice questions all the time

While it’s really great that you enjoy talking to people and are willing to practice, that very same effort could EASILY become a major harm to you and your performance if you fail to understand the MANY factors that go into an interview.

You are responsible for leading your interview…

How you end your answer is more important than how you begin it..

Your emotions could throw you off…

Sticking to your themes will enhance, not distract…

There are things you may have been taught to say or do and now those things make your judges want to dismiss you from the room.

HINT: It’s not enough to just practice questions over and over or memorize answers to the most common questions. There are very specific things you MUST do to make sure your judges head in the right direction, trust you and like what you’re saying.

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So when you add it all up, it’s not safe to just keep practicing questions over and over if you want to succeed in the interview room.

Myth #4 It’s too late. My pageant is only a month away.

Ok, maybe you’re too late for past pageants, but you aren’t too late for this one!

With a step-by-step blueprint of exactly what you need to do, you can easily nail your pageant interview in only 4 weeks. If you’re reading this post RIGHT NOW, then you’re in a unique position to catch wind of this new strategic approach to pageant interview before anyone else in your pageant does, and quickly catapult your success into a pageant crown.

You can be the FIRST to complete a full interview strategy based on the proven frameworks, techniques, and strategies that I’m about to share with you. Keep reading…

Now that you know the 4 interview myths, I’ve created a DETAILED, free cheat sheet to help you with your first (or next!) pageant interview.

My hope for you is to avoid the many traps that make pageant interview an epic disaster, and instead learn to interview with confidence. I competed in pageants for over 10 years now and I’ve made MANY mistakes along the way. You don’t need to do the same!

I’ve compiled a list of 3 of my biggest pageant interview mistakes over the years and how to avoid them before your first (or next!) pageant interview.

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