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75: 3 Ways to Stand Out So Your Pageant Judges Notice You

You know when your competing in a pageant with like 5 girls it’s very different from competing with 50 or 200, like some pageants. Seriously, there are some pageants where there are 200 contestants! I’ve seen them and been in them!

Getting the judges’ attention among 5 or even 12 contestants isn’t that hard, to be honest. But once you get into 16, 25, 50 contestants and more it can be more and more challenging to stand out. Mostly because when you have a group of that size, it’s likely that so many of the women have the top 5 characteristics that naturally prepare them to stand out in their interview.

With 50 contestants, it isn’t enough to just have those 5 characteristics, you have to have a strategy to ensure you’ll stand out among the top 10% to get into the top 5 and win your pageant.

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In this episode, I’m going to break down 3 specific ways you can get the judges to notice you no matter how many contestants there are.

1. Preparation

Most women will have done a little walking practice and maybe they’ve spoken on stage before. But there is a big difference between most of those women and the woman that goes above and beyond in her preparation the one that trains in areas that most other women aren’t training. You know that everyone is going to the gym, researching a bunch of questions online, watching some walking videos on YouTube you have to get some training like this, but you also need to get the training that goes beyond the basics. You’ve got to prepare your platform, your game plan for your year of service, how you’ll market yourself, which appearances you’ll prioritize. Basically, to stand out, you have to know more and perform more and you do that by being the most prepared.

2. Excellence

Most women are squeaking by with what they bring to the table. They try to figure out what the least amount of effort they can put in and then they do just that. They figure out how little they can spend on an evening gown, how few mock interviews they should do, and the least amount of weight they need to lose to fit in with the rest of the women. These women don’t stand out. They aren’t excellent, they just fit in.’

To stand out, you have to pursue excellence
in everything you do.

Don’t just get some training; get the best training. Don’t just wear an outfit that will work for interview because you have it, figure out what the best outfit is and find it. When someone gives half-effort, they are not excellent. Excellence takes pursuit. No one wins a Grammy without singing lessons. To stand out among so many others, you have to pursue excellence in all areas.

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3. Consistency

Most women try something out and if they don’t get immediate results, they give up. Consistency is a stand-out quality because so few women (especially college-age women) actually have this. It’s not your fault, it’s just that you are programed to get to the finish line of a 12 or 16-week course and you have to be an expert in chemistry for that length of time, then you’re onto math and to focus on math you have to give up on chemistry. This is a college problem. I changed my major 15 times in college talk about lacking consistency. In the real world, however, consistency is reliability. When you prepare for your pageant, you have to consider your communications, wardrobe style, and actions that prove you are able to stick with one thing that’s gonna take up a lot of your time (your pageant title) for a full year, no matter how exhausted, annoyed, bored, or disenchanted you are. Showing consistency isn’t a natural thing that we do, either, which complicates HOW you show up for your judges. But when you demonstrate consistency, you will absolutely stand out.

And, that, my dear is how you win a pageant.

I mentioned the 5 characteristics that most women have, which are the raw ingredients of your pageant interview. If you have the qualities then all you have to do is partner them with an excellent interview strategy to rock the socks off your judges.

I put together for you a 5-Point Checklist to Know if You Have What it Takes to Nail Your Pageant Interview – this check list will make it easy to see if you’ve got these characteristics. If you do, then you’re ready for a killer strategy. If you don’t, then these are the skills you’ll want to develop.

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