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92: How to Become a Pageant Star

Episode-92-Featured-ImageOne thing that is obvious to most pageant women is that in order to win your pageant, you have to truly be a star. When you meet a star, you’ll know it, but it’s hard to explain what it really means to be a star. It’s also evident when it’s not there – when something is missing even if you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly is missing.

The Miss Universe pageant was this past weekend and what an incredible pageant that is! Every single one of the 86 women from around the world is a celebrity. They are stunningly beautiful models. They have bright smiles, graceful walks, and incredible hair. But, not all of them are stars.

In an interview after the pageant, one judge was asked why a certain contestant (who seemingly had the whole package) didn’t make it into the finals. The judge simply said that something was missing. The host asked what was missing. The judge said, well I don’t know, but something just wasn’t there.

That something, I believe, is the star quality.

Just as tough as it is to explain the star quality, it’s even harder to know whether or not you have it. Although it’s noticeable to everyone else, it may not be to you. Do you truly have the star quality necessary to win your pageant and take your message to the top? I have great news: 

Everyone has the potential to exude this star quality.

Today, we’re going to unpack exactly what this star quality looks like through the analogy of a real star in the galaxy. Then, I’m going to explain how being a star gets you to the top. Finally, I’m going to break down how you can exude that star quality to get to the top! 

First, let me compare for you a star in outer space with a woman who is a true pageant start. For the sake of this analogy, let’s use a star from far off in our galaxy.

– A star in the galaxy is a bright beam of natural burning gas that radiates light that can be seen from a far distance. A pageant star is someone who radiates light from a far distance. It can be seen from miles away. She simply walks into a room and brightens it up. People notice her.

– A star in the galaxy is always there, shining brightly not matter who is looking because someone is always looking. The best time to see it is when your side of the world is covered in darkness and when the sun is gone. When the sun comes up for you, the other part of the world is in darkness and that star is shining there for those people. In the pageant world, presence is vital. A pageant star is a woman who is ready to say yes to travel wherever she is needed most. From early morning hours to late nights, the pageant star has to be ready to serve the world around her.

– A star in the galaxy burns from natural energy and doesn’t turn off until they die.
Pageant stars are the same! These women are the type that have a natural fuel keeping them passionate, serving, and forward-moving. A true pageant star needs this natural fuel otherwise she’d be exhausted trying to fake it. 

A true pageant star is a woman who’s light shines brightly, not from her own power, but a natural source within her, and is able to be seen even in the darkest situation.

So, to recap, Stars do 3 things: it can be seen from a far distance, it is always there, it is fueled by a natural energy.

Think of a lamp. No one turns on a lamp and then puts it under a basket. They light the lamp and put it on a table so it will light the whole house. The Bible points this out in Matthew 5:15, right after it says that YOU are the light of the world.

Did you hear that? You. Sitting where you are right now at your computer, at the gym, in your home, in your car You, my dear, ARE the light of the world.

God wants you to shine! Why? Because, He knows that if you are shining, people will put you up on a freakin’ table, girl! Haha! No one will hide you in a basket.

THIS is why people elevate star quality. They can’t help but put the lamp on the table to light the whole house.

I promise you this: If you let your light shine, you will be placed on top.
You are designed to be the head and not the tail. Above and not beneath. God said You are the light of the world. Let it shine, sister!

How? You ask. Simple: Shine light. Light is basically everything that is positive: Whatever is true, noble, whatever is right, pure, lovely, admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things (Philippians 4:8).

Do not let negative, fear-based, anxious, nasty, condescending, or untrue lies leave your lips. That is darkness. You are called to be the light.

Do the right thing. Help people in need. Say nice things that lift people up and light up their spirits. Be lovely, and pure. Think about excellent things. Think, act, and speak things that are worthy of praise.

Imagine that every time you do something that is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, a handful of sparkling glitter falls from the sky and sticks to you, following you around everywhere you go. The more glitter you throw around the brighter your light shines.

Now, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s not. You have an adversary working against you. Always coming at you with evil, unkind, nasty thoughts about you, your circumstances, and others around you. These nasty thoughts make you wanna act nasty and then create more nasty-ness around you.

You have to throw glitter around from a source that is not your own. This is where you’re gonna need God’s grace. When those nasty thoughts come into your mind, you need to refuel with God. The best way to do this is to repeat the mantra, “I am the light of the world. I am the light of the world.” This is in Matthew 5:14 if you want to look it up. When you anchor back to this manta, it acts as a sword to cut out the evil thoughts and replace it with noble, pure, positive thoughts.

This is why not everyone is a star. Because, although it is a simple concept it is not so easy to implement.

Still, you are called to do this. And, I sincerely hope you will accept this challenge. I want you to be a pageant star! I want you to be the woman that lights up a room, that everyone is drawn to, and when a judge asks why you, she says, I don’t know, she just had this certain quality about her. I want glitter to stick to your whole entire body and shine light around the entire world!

I know God wants this for you too. You have a call on your life to be great and you need to get people to put you up on the table.

Let your light shine so the whole world will see.

Remember, that song from when you were a kid, This Little Light of Mine? This is a great one to get stuck in your head every morning.

Here’s a great rendition of this song. Pay attention to what the judges say at the end about how they felt and how they struggle to even describe it… star quality:

Shine your light, my dear. Shine it brightly, all the time, no matter where you are or who you are with, fueled on God’s promises. You are the light of the world.

And, that, my dear, is how you win a pageant. 

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