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Introducing: Win A Pageant Podcast

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Hi, friends! What an honor it is to be producing a free podcast to teach women all around the world how they can up their pageant competition game and subsequently changing lives for the better!

I launched this podcast with 3 episodes. And this week, you’ll get an episode every day to celebrate the launch!


Then, I’ll post an episode every Wednesday morning – If you Subscribe, it’ll automatically download each episode when it’s posted.


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During my 10+ years of pageant competition, I grew immensely – personally and professionally. I treated pageantry like a social experiment trying different things to see what worked. I informally interviewed titleholders and directors. I watched every little move of the highest scoring contestants, I read the books, watched the DVDs, attended national pageants, and then put what I was learning to the test!


Some things didn’t work…like that time I tried to wear my hair curly one night and straight the next.


But, many did work! The things that did work, I would perfect until I had a system that I could tell my pageant friends about. They started having success, too, which is why I got started as a Comprehensive Pageant Coach.


I learned so many tips for success on stage and off. This podcasts is a way for me to share the information I learned for free with women and girls like yourself that are seeking ways to become more. The ultimate goal of this podcast is to teach women how to project confidence and beauty in order to shine their light and make positive impact in the lives of others. Each week, I’ll post another training episode – usually 10-15 minutes long – so you can listen from just about anywhere.


That was about 10 year ago, and since then, I’ve had a blast synthesizing my professional education as a professor and counselor with my motivational knowledge of a personal trainer and my business savvy with my personal pageant experience!


This type of knowledge is hard to come by, so I wanted to package it in a way that you could really learn the concepts I’ve learned without the headache of the trial and error process. I’ve broken it down so you can easily learn and grow.


I’ve competed in 4 major systems: Miss America, Miss Galaxy, Miss USA, and Miss International. Most recently, I held the title of Miss California International and was second runner-up at Miss International.


I wish I had the information I do now back with I was in my teens and 20’s! Fortunately, you now do!


I hope that you have some ah-ha moments of how you can apply these strategies to your pageant competition and to your life. Ultimately, your life will last longer than your pageant career, and applying these concepts to your life will help you to also prosper in business, career, and relationships of all kinds.


If you value these episodes, please Subscribe and give us a review and hopefully a 5-star rating! That is the best way to help grow our community of pageant sisters!


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I know you have it in you to win a pageant and I want you to win so you can have a larger impact on the world!


Please connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and really all over @AlyciaDarby or with #WinAPageant. I love meeting my pageant sisters!


Let’s Win A Pageant!