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Find Your Purpose, Clarify Your Message, and Become the Confident Woman God has Called You to Be.

“Pageants are Won in Interview.”

Let me explain…

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Women win pageants when they can confidently communicate their message with vision and purpose. I believe you have the potential to achieve the dreams God has planted in your heart. You just need the proper training to get the clarity and confidence you need to win. I am a beauty pageant coach that will help you do exactly that.

Let me help you build your legacy and transform your life – on and off stage.
Your winning streak starts today!

Client Testimonials

Brea Sharron Estep Mrs. United States

“My advice: do the Legacy Project and everything revolves around your Legacy Project. Through years of listening to her podcast and her knock-it-out-of-the-park strategy sessions, she’s helped me have the confidence and skills to create a winning legacy project! Alycia opened my eyes to all that we could do.”

Nancy Liles, Mrs. Petite USA

“Alycia’s book and one-on-one coaching helped reorganize my platform and dive deep into understanding and presenting my values, goals, and accomplishments. She is not an ordinary pageant coach. Her brilliant business mind helps women in all walks of life to win in pageantry and in life.”  

Deborah Scott, Ms. Petite USA

“I knew Alycia was right for me. I joined the Academy and when I had my first call with Alycia it felt unreal! We were meeting on zoom so regularly that I realized I was so supported and got comfortable fast. It’s amazing how I’ve come so far in such a short amount of time.”

Jacqueline Elliott, Ms. Senior World 50's

“I signed up for the Academy – just 2 months before my pageant and it turned out to be worth it – and more! I have so many things going on, but I knew I needed to schedule time every single day to prepare and be held accountable. The Academy has the best materials I have ever seen! It was a safe place to grow and become the best version of myself. It was so worth it!

Hi, I’m Alycia Darby.

I teach women how to confidently communicate their powerful message in 5 minutes or less.

I’m a #1 podcast host, bestselling author, YouTube creator, and world renown beauty pageant coach. I’ve personally coached over 2,000 clients and virtually coached over 15,000 women around the world to achieve their dreams of influence and impact – on stage and in life. But it didn’t start that way…

I was a small-town girl with God-sized dreams. I knew in my heart that God was calling me to compete in a pageant, but I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t winning. I placed 1st runner-up in multiple states across several systems. After competing over and over, I was frustrated and losing my confidence – but God had a plan to use it all for good!

Just when I thought I would never compete again, God showed me a new strategy (I call it the Legacy Project) that led me to win Miss California! Now, I teach this exact winning strategy to women around the world to win pageants like Mrs. United States, Miss Taiwan, Mrs. Petite USA, Ms. Universal, Mrs. Earth Australia, Mrs. America, Mrs. International, Miss Tennessee USA, and more! Read More!

Alycia Darby

Inspire Your Group!

Hire Alycia to speak to your group! Alycia’s extensive experience in coaching, communication training, and on-camera speaking has led her to be a sought-after voice in the pageant industry and beyond. Her dynamic storytelling allows her to deliver deep truths that bring entertainment and transformation to any audience.

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