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231: From Passion To Purpose with Raliene Banks

Win a Pageant Podcast Episode 231: From Passion To Purpose with Raliene Banks

In this episode of the Win A Pageant Podcast, Alycia interviews Raliene Banks, a client of the Win a Pageant Academy and a successful pageant contestant!

Raliene served 15 years in the US Air Force as a pilot and started competing in pageants in 2020. She is now the director of the Virginia State pageant for the Regency International organization system. Raliene Banks came to us to help clarify her many experiences and achievements and help her discover God’s call on her life.

In this episode, you’ll hear how she turned the heartbreak of the loss of her daughter into a mission to help others.

Raliene shares her pageantry journey, starting from her military career to becoming a successful pageant contestant. She emphasizes the importance of education in her success and how she invested in coaching to enhance her skills.

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