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100: Celebrate All Wins


Today we are celebrating the 100th episode of the Win A Pageant podcast! You’ve heard about many of my clients over the last several years who have published books and used them to catapult their platforms, get media appearances and change lives. I published my first book, which was a business book, several years ago.


Now, I’m proud to announce the launch of my latest book – this time a pageant coaching book! It’s called “Beauty, Truth and Grace: Pageant Coaching to Win on Stage and in Life” and it launched today on Amazon.


In celebration of the 100th episode, I wanted to launch this book with a special pricing for you. Today and tomorrow, you can get the book for only 99-cents. That is, Wednesday, March 29th and Thursday the 30th, the book is available at this special celebratory price. On Thursday at midnight, the price will reset to the actual price. To get the book, go to – that link will take you straight to Amazon and you can buy it for less than a dollar. I would be honored if you’d be a part of our book launch by purchasing the book today.


Now, let’s talk celebrations!


My husband, Randy, has a gong in his office that says Celebrate All Wins on it. Every time his company has a win they gong the gong. A win is any action step they complete that moves them closer to their ultimate goal. The sound of the gong is a declaration of celebration and everyone cheers!


A simple celebration system can be found in many high-achieving companies throughout the world. My chiropractor has a “well-bell” that we ring after a great adjustment. When I was a kid, if I had a good check up at the dentist I got to choose a toy from a treasure chest. As an adult, I get a toothbrush just for showing up. In junior high, the class that sold the most zap-it pizzas went on a field trip. Subway used to give away cookies for a straight-A report card. Celebrating accomplishments even as an adult is pretty typical. We celebrate graduations, new jobs, promotions, and of course pageant wins.


When you celebrate wins, your subconscious seals in a pattern of success.


You release dopamine (the feel-good hormone) and your mood and focus increase.


What would happen if you built a pattern of success in the small wins along the way toward your big goal? This is what positive psychologists around the world promote. To accomplish a big goal, you have to successfully complete a series of small tasks and actions as milestones along the way. I call these actions process-goals. These are the things you achieve en route toward your big goal they are a part of your process and they honor the journey toward the destination.


I believe this is the secret sauce of winners. When you celebrate process goals along the path toward your dream, your subconscious becomes trained in a pattern of success. You begin to live life from one celebration to the next.


For example, if you created a series of process goals en route to winning your pageant, they may include things like meeting your trainer at the gym 3x/week consistently for 2 consecutive months; closing your first $1,000 of sponsorship funds; completing your wardrobe selection for every phase of competition with accessories; launching your platform blog; solidifying a partnership with a relevant charity; and completing a professional mock interview and opening receiving feedback. Do you see how all of these things need to happen along the way to your big pageant win? These are process goals that need to be celebrated to train your brain for success. Achieving each of these doesn’t guarantee you a win at your pageant, but without them your guaranteed to lose.


In 2015, a started a course that taught me how to launch a podcast. In less than 4 weeks, I had learned all the steps, purchased and set up the technology, wrote and recorded 11 podcasts, designed my artwork, and got approved to produce through iTunes. It was a big project that took a lot of work, but fortunately, I had the full strategy laid out for me in the course and all I had to do was take action.


I knew my big goal was to educate and inspire women around the world to win on stage and in life.


When the first episode of the Win A Pageant podcast launched on iTunes that Saturday, Randy took me to his office and cheered as I banged the gong! I’ll never forget how good it felt to celebrate that win the reverberation of the gong in my body, the bright smile Randy had of excitement, and the hope of the future vision coming to pass.


I didn’t have any listeners yet, I wasn’t even ranked on iTunes… but the first process goal getting the first batch of podcasts up on iTunes was complete, and that was worth celebrating! Flash forward to today, Win A Pageant podcast has over 40,000 listeners in over 10 countries, ranks as the #1 Pageant Podcast on iTunes and is reviewed at a solid 5-stars. All because, I got the course, I followed the steps, and launched in the direction of my dreams.


One success leads to another and celebrating your process goals tells your brain that this is a good path and worth your effort.


Right now, wherever you are, you’re somewhere between the start and the finish line of your big dream. What is the very next step you need to take to move you closer to that dream? Do you need to buy the course? Start the blog? Or Schedule the interview?


Now is the time to begin. And when you do, be prepared to celebrate all your wins.
You don’t need a gong. You just need to do something that you’ll remember so when you’re working toward the next goal, you can smile and know you’ve made it this far.


You could turn on your favorite song and do a wild happy dance; host a movie night with your girlfriends; buy yourself that handbag you’ve been eyeing; or simply spend an extra 15 minutes in the yoga studio after class just to bask in the glory of completeness.


Remember, this is not a race. The first one done doesn’t win that’s not how winning works. Winning comes from dedicating yourself to taking action toward your goals and honoring your actions along the way. Don’t rush to the finish line, celebrate all your wins along the way.


Thank you for celebrating 100 episodes of the Win A Pageant podcast with me! Hop on over to to get your copy of my brand new book Beauty, Truth and Grace right now while it’s only 99-cents. >> Click HERE to view the book on <<


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