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104: How Can I Be More Photogenic in Pictures?

Podcast Cover Photo Template-single-01Before we dive into today’s episode, I want share some love from my pageant sister and client, Candice on Amazon. She writes, Alycia Darby Zimnoch helped me develop my legacy project (which I believe is the main reason I won my national pageant) and is one of the best pageant coaches in the business! She has written and AMAZING book that encompasses all areas of pageantry, and it is a must-have blueprint for anyone seeking to reach their fullest potential both in life and in pageantry! Thank you for all you did for me, Alycia. I truly could not have achieved my dreams without you.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Candice. If you haven’t left a review, I’d love to hear from you. Go to – scroll down to Leave a Customer Review

Onto our episode….

Today’s question comes from Michele and she asks, How can I look more photogenic in photos, especially with other pageant contestants and at appearances?

Thanks for your Q, Michele.

5 Ways to Look Better in Your Photos

  1. Soften face for natural smile and eyes – practice in the mirror
  2. Practice posture, angles and expressions – I do mouth open and head tilt
  3. Wear colors that compliment your skin tone – I wear blues, black, pinks )mostly jewel tones)
  4. Pleasant makeup and excellent lighting
  5. Facetune app edit your image before you post it. Clear your skin, add a glow, even change your whole shape of your face.

That my dear, is how you look more photogenic in pictures.

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