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118: Should I Wear Panty Hose During My Pageant Interview?

Today’s Question comes from Lisbeth. She asks: Pantyhose – yes or no? The bare-legged look has been popular for a long time. Does it apply to interview? How about evening gown, especially if the gown has a slit? I generally liked going bare-legged during evening gown since I may be wearing open toed shoes, but even if I’m not, bare feet give me more a grip on the sole of my shoe. But interview….what is your advice?

Thank you, Lisbeth!

A little education to start. Pantyhose are different than tights. Tights are thicker and have much more coverage. Pantyhose are sheer. They became big in the 60’s when women were sick of holding up stockings with girdles. That’s why your grandmother may think it indecent to go to church, work, or on stage without them.

But, since 1995, the corporate culture of pantyhose that kept sales high has started to relax. Pantyhose are no longer a dress code requirement for even big companies like the Mayo Clinic. But then – more recently, celebrities like Kate Middleton, Ariana Grande and Beyonce started wearing pantyhose again as a matter of personal fashion style. Now, pantyhose no longer have the connotation of decent covering, but of personal expression.

So, Lisbeth – pantyhose aren’t necessarily expected, nor are they even encouraged. If you want to wear them, it won’t be looked down on because it is simply a matter of style and preference.

To your point, there are a few things to consider if you’re going for the pantyhose look:

1. Buy the expensive ones so you can make sure they are quality-made.
2. Get the right size and color for your leg tone.
3. Keep extra pairs handy in case you get a snag.
4. Wear shoes that hide the toe seam
5. Try to avoid the ones with extra material at the toes or the control top ones.
6. And by all means, practice in them to be sure they don’t stick to your dress or interview outfit, forcing you to pull it down constantly.

Thanks for writing in, Lisbeth – I hope this helps inspire your inner fashionista and frees you with the power to choose 🙂

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