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13: What Not to Do After Winning: 7 Suggestions from my failures

featured-image-template-1-remaining-15Winning a pageant can be exhilarating, spectacular, overwhelming, exhausting and confusing.

Today, I’m going to train you to avoid some common mistakes of pageant winners.

People see you as a powerful entity and in fact, as we’ve heard in a previous episode (and from Spiderman’s dad) ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ One year goes by very quickly and you have to be prepared to make fast decisions that have the most beneficial impact and do no harm. That’s not easy. However, I do have a few specific cautions that I believe will help you to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made over the years as a titleholder.

Don’t sign anything without reading it

Contracts are written in favor of the writer. You should always be given at least 48 hours to review formal contracts and written agreements. 

Don’t shut down your learning sponge

Remain open to learning so you can continue to grow and develop. 

Don’t stop doing what you did to get what you got

From social media post frequency, how you treat people, learning, listening, and growing, keep up the great work! 

Don’t take everyone’s advice

It’s great to listen to lots of advice, but you must filter through your own truth. If it applies, modify. If not, let it fly. 

Don’t be used

Draw your line in the sand on your values, your morals, and your desires. You’ll have people pulling you in directions you never expected. If you have a moral compass or set of core values to guide you, your decisions will become easier and those around you won’t be able to question it. 

Don’t take anything for granted

If you have a sponsor no matter how large or small, use their products like a generous donor they are! Always thank your sponsors. 

Don’t forget: the prize is in the process

You won’t win every time you compete. If you’ve only got eyes for the crown, then you will lose out on the experience. The prize is not the crown, the prize is the process.

That, ladies is how you win a pageant! 

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