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130: Promote Your Pageant Platform in the Media with Publicist Kristi Dosh

In this episode Alycia interviews Kristi Dosh. Kristi Dosh is a former practicing attorney who transformed her career through blogging and social media to become a nationally-recognized sports business analyst (the “SportsBizMiss”) with outlets such as Forbes and ESPN. Since then, she’s written for nearly two dozen national publications, given dozens of keynote speeches across the country and written two nonfiction books.

She once wrote a piece about being addicted to finding new opportunities, and that is perhaps why she now finds herself working as a publicist for professionals and online entrepreneurs through her company,

She says, “I love helping people step into their expertise and showing them all of the opportunities to get more visible and grow their businesses.”

On the side, she still serves as a sports business analyst for Forbes, Campus Insiders and other national outlets. Her specialties include college athletics finance and governance, licensing and marketing.

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