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178: Pageant Current Events: 3 Topics for 2022 with Levi Roseman

In this episode of Win a Pageant, Alycia Darby is joined by Levi Roseman. Levi Roseman studied Government and Public Policy at Dartmouth College and has worked in the Department of Education and for his Congressman in Washington, D.C. In addition to coaching pageant contestants, he advises political candidates, authors, and influencers in the United States and Canada.

Levi shares the top three pageant current events topics that pageant contestants will need to be aware of in 2022. Alycia and Levi discuss these top current events as they might be asked during the interview and how to answer those questions to win a pageant.

Levi shares the top three topics, which are President Biden’s Approval Rating, Ongoing COVID Measures and Abortion. Levi shares a brief history of why these topics are important and how you might be able to answer questions about things like President Biden’s approval rating being historically low at 46%. Levi shares how the new COVID Omicron variant got its name and then they have a deeper discussion of abortion.

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On this episode of Win A Pageant, you’ll hear:

  • Three Current Events Topics to Know in 2022
  • President Biden’s Approval Rating
  • Ongoing Covid Measures
  • Abortion
  • Speaking Your Values in Interview


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