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179: Why You're Losing Your Pageant (and what to do about it)

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through five real reasons that women lose pageants and I’m going to give you some specific guidelines on what you can do about it.

We’re going to start broad and work out way to the more common reasons.

The most common reason women lose their pageant is they simply don’t have ‘the look’, mostly because they haven’t discovered what this pageant is looking for as the main spokesperson for their pageant. In order to win, you have to show up with your complete marketing package.

The next somewhat obvious reason that you may be losing your pageant is you are too stiff – like a robot, or ‘pageant patty.’ This often comes off as either not having enough practice or having too much practice. There are lots of ways to fix this problem, but the main one is: practice with real life experience!

The third reason you may be losing your pageant is what I call a ‘failure to thrive.’ This means that you haven’t really done all that much to achieve your goals since the last time you competed. You have to show improvements and growth every year so that you can prove you’ll make the most of your year if given the title.

The fourth area that could be holding you back is you don’t have a solid marketing plan. This is why having a Legacy Project is so important: because it allows you the opportunity to market yourself, your platform, and your pageant.

In the Win A Pageant Academy we teach a simple method of Promise-Proof-Plan that prepares you for all sorts of questions (download the free training here) and ensures you deliver your marketing plan onstage and in your interview.

If you are nailing the look, you have a solid plan but you still aren’t winning, it could be because you are missing a personal/pageant brand. Your ‘brand’ is deeper than your ‘why’ for competing in the pageant – your brand is your why for being on this planet! It’s your purpose and your passion.

In the Academy, we help you identify your personal/pageant brand because from this, everything else can flow!

Your brand is vital to winning! If you have the look, plenty of practice, thriving goals, a solid plan, and you’re still not winning your pageant, then your brand should be where you begin.

The very first thing that I do with all of my clients is help them identify who they are. It’s so important for you to know who you are and what you are doing on this planet. When you become crystal clear on that, all those other things will easily fall into place.


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