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184: Designing a Stand-Out Pageant Brand with Nicole Coker

Nicole Coker is a podcaster, digital creator, and author/illustrator.

She has been in the pageant industry for over 7 years as a judge, emcee, social media content host, and titleholder in several systems including USA National Miss (UNM) and International United Miss.

She is the founder of Live Courageously podcast and the YouTube channel reaching over 15 countries and the author of the Amazon book “A-Z Coloring Book of Courageous Characters.”

She is a master’s architecture student at Clemson University. Nicole’s mission is to empower and equip women with the tools they need to break through barriers and step into their courageous life.

In this episode, Nicole Coker shares her journey prior to her Stand-Out Pageant Brand designing.

Nicole reveals her journey to success as she was once a victim of relationship abuse which inspired her to create the Podcast, Live Courageously.

Nicole and Alycia also talk about Nicole’s Secret Sauce for success which is being organized and efficient.

Watch the Video Here:

On this episode of Win A Pageant, you’ll hear:

● Nicole Coker ‘s journey prior to joining Win A Pageant
● What is Nicole’s Secret Sauce for Success
● Journey to discovering how to Live the Courageous Life


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