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36: Pageant Gift Ideas for Everyone

Pageant girls love presents – both giving and receiving. As a pageant girl, I can vouch for that.

The gift giving begins when you arrive for orientation, then you are showered again with gifts as you win. You give gifts to other contestants when you compete together, to your sister queens during major moments in their life like graduation and relinquishing their titles. You give gifts to your pageant directors, your parents. Parents and directors give gifts. My directors when I was Miss California International gave me a gift every single day during competition week at nationals – how generous is that?!

And…with Christmas coming up, you know the crown gifts are going to be circling around your pageant circle.

So, with all these opportunities for gift-giving, you’ve gotta be prepared to give thoughtful gifts that will make a lasting impression and truly be remembered.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you some of the best gifts I’ve received and given as well as some great gift ideas for your whole pageant family, no matter what the occasion.

My girl, Kristina, helped me to come up with a bunch of ideas. Below, there are links for each recommendation so you can check them out and buy online. 

Ladies, send this link to your parents, husband, boyfriend, kids – this is basically you’re Christmas list 😉

*Links updated October 2016*

New Titleholder

+ For the newly crowned beauty, consider an Engraved Flower Vase or Sash Cover & Crown Pillow by Amber Rae Mack Designs. This is the perfect solution to keep everything together and clean, which pageant women know is a constant struggle.

+ One of my favorite gifts was from my dear friend, Rachel. She got me a State-Shaped Sterling Silver Necklace like this one or these when I won Miss California International.

For the new titleholder’s year, she’ll likely need:
+ Car Magnets
+ Autograph Cards with her headshot and title on them
+ Crown-Carrying box – lots of styles to choose from
or this Crown Carrying box – more common style

And for her national pageant:
+ An Embroidered Robe from Sparkle Queens is divine and Custom Luggage like this is a show-stopper

+ My girl, Kristina found an incredible boutique called the Crown Chic Boutique that sells all sorts of cool pageanty stuff. Crown rings, pins, earrings, hair clips, key chains – you name it, they probably have it

+ a Phone Case
+ Crown Pins
+ Crown Bracelet
+ Crown Earrings 

For the uber-professional pageant woman, consider a:

+ Business Card Carrying Case
+ Crown USB from Miss America
+ Cosmetic Case 

For Fellow Contestants:

+ Gift-giving is common at national pageants when contestants arrive from all over the great US. Sometimes women take gifts representing their home state, like Florida Oranges, Pennsylvania Hershey’s candy, and Idaho potato chips…You get the idea. Of course you want to get creative with how you give them. If Miss New York just handed you a cheesecake before competition, that really wouldn’t send the right message. Put a cute poem on it, make it healthy or find a cool way of presenting it as a specialty item. 

Platform-Related Gifts:

+ Another common gift is a small token that represents your platform like a pin from: ShopHeart for Go Red for Women if women’s heart health was your platform focus, this pin for Autism Awareness or this one for Breast Cancer Awareness 

Food Gifts:

+ Food gifts are great as thank you gifts, especially long-distance. One of my favorite gifts toBird Pick Tea – it’s a tea company in my area of southern California

+ I often give chocolate after a friend or client of mine competes. There are plenty of local chocolate companies that are especially classy in my area so I love spreading that joy. My most recent favorites are: Stuffed Cookies and See’s Candies.
Pro Tip: Find something local to share with people from out of town. 

Photo Memory Gifts

Younger girls typically appreciate photo mementos like:
+ Photo Mugs
+ Cell Phone Covers
+ Fleece Memory Blankets
+ or Picture Frames
And these also make great gifts for outgoing royalty to give to directors, sister queens, and friends 


+ Parents love to show off their kids, so personalized apparel is a great gift for moms, dads, and other family members. Personalized crown bags, aprons,phone cases, shirts, with the queens headshot on them are great for the parents of junior and teen queens. 

Out-Going Queen:

The out-going queen would love:
+ a Crown Photo Frame
+ Crown Display Box
+ Jewelry is a lovely option
+ There are plenty of inexpensive yet gorgeous Crown Rings which make for a great out-going gift.
+ Imsmi Style Crown Ring
+ Jared Jewelers also has a few gorgeous rings for the more high-end jewelry fan 

Directors, Parents, Sponsors:

+ Pageant Mom Pin
+ Candle/Wine Holder
+ Wine Bottle Stopper
+ Crown Mug
+ Crown Serving Tray

Thinking of unique ways to bless others lives is definitely how to win a pageant! 

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