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56: Winners Take Action – The 3 Steps to Achieve Your Big Goal

episode-56-featured-imageIn today’s episode I want to share with you a key to success. It’s simple, but it is not easy.

It’s called Taking Action.

Taking action is the number one thing that separates the good from the excellent – all the people with amazing ideas from those with amazing results. Taking actions means using the knowledge that you’re gaining from teachers, coaches, books, life wisdom…even this podcast…and allowing it to flow through your strengths and your skills and take action to help others.

People who don’t take action, aren’t releasing their knowledge into the world. Imagine a running creek of water that is constantly refreshed, taking in new information and sharing it on down the road. If nothing is flowing through you, you’re either a swampland or a flood. If you aren’t gaining anything new to pass along, you’re swampy. If you are only gaining new information and not taking action to let it flow through your, you’re flooding. Other people can tell if you’re swampy or flooding and no one wants to hire someone that is seen as swampy or flooding – not even pageant judges. 

To be successful in pageants and in your life, you need to take action to make an impact.

When I was considering launching this podcast, I told my coach that I was all excited and had this great idea, that I had been working with thousands of woman all over the world and had tons of insights and stories to share and I couldn’t wait to start. The next month, I told him the same thing.

He looked me right in the eyes and said, do you know why you haven’t started yet? I was like…uh….no? He said, “Because as long as you don’t start, you’ll always have a great idea to talk about. But ideas are hollow without action.”

I immediately went to work and launched my podcast 3 weeks later. Now, we have nearly 15,000 listeners in every English-speaking country and I get emails, messages, and calls all the time about how I’ve changed lives.

But, I don’t change the lives of women that don’t take action. Only of the ones who do.

I want to share with you an email I received from an incredible go-getter. Victoria is 15…listen to what she wrote me this weekend:

First I would like to say thank you SO much for all of your Podcasts!! Everything you have thought me, I have taken into my everyday life. You are absolutely amazing! The last 2 years I placed in the top ten in my pageant , I have done so much mental preparation for this upcoming pageant thanks to you. I realized that my biggest problem from years before was that I was scared of all of the other girls that, I gave up too soon. After listening to your Podcasts about the “legacy project” I have decided to start a ” Pageant board”. In this board I have anything to inspire me and to keep me in the “right” mindset pageant weekend (quotes, notes to self, “I am” Five star qualities sentences, etc.). But in addition to this I will add my Legacy plan/ project and my platform. I am thinking about not even this one tittle as much as the pageant systems I will be doing in the future, but also greater then that because I do want to leave a lasting impact on a project I took to heart. Thank you so much! I admire you and I consider you one of my role models. Thank you!


No one can compete with a chick like Victoria! With this type of power in action-taking, this woman is going to soar – and she’s only 15! Imagine her legacy project when she’s 18!

There are three simple steps to taking action like Victoria has. 

1. Decide which one thing you can implement within the next 24 hours. Make it small and manageable.
2. Write it down in your calendar when you will find the time to accomplish this.
3. Do it.

I have a sad story of a client that is not an action-taker. A client that I worked with last year that has an incredible story and a brilliant idea for a book – her passion is huge and she is such a smart girl. I met with her for just one hour. I no longer do that because it is a disadvantage, it makes girls think they can win from just one hour of coaching which is absurd…so, anyway now I offer a full package that actually gets results. She competed a few months later and hadn’t made progress, but that’s ok because it was only a few months. She didn’t win, which I’m not surprised because she didn’t really go all in.

The sad part is, she competed again in the same pageant, one whole year later – her pageant was just a month ago and she’s still talking about the book she plans to write.

Did she win? Nope.

Emaleigh is 18, she’s in honors courses, she’s the president of like 3 school organizations, she just got into Penn State University and she’s a varsity team captain. This girl has the world by the tail. She’s an action-taker like none other. We’ve been working together for a few months now and she is only 2 months away from publishing her first book. She’s gonna go to college in her freshman year as a published author! How cool is that?!

I had a Mrs. Contestant, Candice join my VIP jump start program 2 months before her pageant. In 2 months she created a youtube channel, brought on 2 sponsors to help her fund her Legacy Project. After she won her national title, she said her entire interview was about her legacy project because they were so impressed by her success and vision.

Taking action is vital to success in pageantry and in life. I want this to be a part of your every day life, just like Victoria, Emaleigh and Candice.

Right now, what goal are you wanting to achieve. What is something you can do within the next 24 hours to make progress toward your goal? Is it ask a friend to recommend a book, is it to get a resource you’ve been putting off? Look at your calendar and plug that one thing into your calendar immediately.

Because, that ladies is how you win a pageant.

Thank you again to Victoria for sending me this email. It makes me feel so good that people are out there taking action. If you have a story, please share it with me by emailing [email protected] 

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