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12: What Not to Do During Crowning: 7 Don’ts of Your Crowning Moment

featured-image-template-1-remaining-13In an exciting moment like winning a pageant title, you may momentarily lose your wits if you’re not wise. When you are standing in the spotlight, whatever impression you leave will last – perception is reality, so you don’t want to come off bratty, ungrateful, or just crazy. In this episode, Alycia will share a list of 7 things not to do when you’re crowned, which will make your winning moment: graceful, photogenic, and respectable.

Don’t be shocked

Obviously, you’ll be excited, and it’s great to showcase that emotion (cameras love it!), but you want to be in control of your emotions. So, I recommend, practicing your crowning moment – so you don’t look like a pageant freak that the whole state is talking about for years. You set out to win, so you shouldn’t be shocked. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to say thank you

Thank God, judges, sponsors, family, friend – remember your roots! “The deeper the roots, the taller the tree.” When in doubt, over-thank. “A pretty girl can never be too gracious.” Everyone that supported you wants to share your success in the lights. If you can get photographs with your family and friends, directors, sponsors, and fellow contestants do it! They will be proud that they know you and want to share the excitement! So, honor that. 

Don’t sash yourself

Let your predecessor place the sash on you. This is one of the lovely opportunities for the outgoing queen, to be responsible for sashing and crowning you. It’s her final responsibility, so please don’t steal it from her. So graciously accept her assistance. 

Don’t rush

Take your time and soak up the moment. This allows the media to capture lovely photos and you’ll have more memories of your crowning moment. 

Don’t do a runway walk with a crooked crown

After you’ve been crowned, stand tall, turn to hug your outgoing queen, look at her straight and ask “Is the crown straight?” If not, she’ll take a moment to adjust it. 

Don’t lock your knees in photos

you’ll pass out. Shift side to side so your knees have a chance to bend and send the blood back to your heart. 

Don’t ignore the pageant production team

A whole team of people spent years and thousands of dollars to give you a perfect crowning moment. Be sure to show appreciation to your directors, production team, photographer, stage crew, fellow contestants, choreographer, and so many more for a lovely production.

The beginning of your reign is so important to your continued success. If you accept a title with grace, you’ll be seen as graceful.

That, ladies is how you win a pageant. 

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