183: 9 Makeup Etiquette Tips with Mrs. Jennifer Lloyd

Mrs. Jennifer Lloyd won a state title in 2005 as a “Miss”. Now, sixteen years later, at the age of 42, she is competing on the International stage as Mrs. Korea World. After a busy lifetime career as a professional model, Jennifer decided to check out the view on the other side of the lens, by becoming a professional photographer. Jennifer is fast becoming the go-to pageant headshot photographer. She has always loved every facet of the beauty industry, so it was a natural progression for her to expand her hair and makeup business and create “Jennifer Lloyd Artistry” based in Seattle, WA. Jennifer’s passion is beauty and she finds fulfillment in empowering women to feel their very best.

In this episode, Jennifer Lloyd shares with us the nine makeup etiquette tips to help you achieve the winning look during pageant week. Whether it’s your first pageant, or the first time you’re hiring a professional makeup artist, these etiquette tips and tricks are sure to set you up for success.

On this episode of Win A Pageant, you’ll hear:

● Make up Etiquette from Mrs. Jennifer Lloyd
● What to use: Lash Extensions or Lash Strips?
● Recommendation on Entourage
● Why Invest in Facials

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