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225: Pageant Winner Ellon Chase on The Power of Progress

Win a Pageant Podcast Episode 225: Pageant Winner Ellon Chase on The Power of Progress

In this video, we sit down with the recent winner of the Mrs. Idaho American pageant, Ellon Chase. She shares her journey through the Win A Pageant Academy, the challenges she faced, and her amazing Legacy Project.

She also gives advice to aspiring pageant contestants who are waiting to win their next pageant and talks about her exciting pageant plans for the future.

Don’t miss this inspiring and candid interview with a true beauty queen!

Ellon Chase is the current Mrs. Idaho American. She resides in Sugar City, Idaho with her husband, Chris, a professional fly-fisherman and educator. Together they have two teenage sons, Porter and James.

At a very difficult time in her life, Ellon decided to transform every aspect of her own health and now teaches others how to live healthier through her work as a school counselor and as a published author of The Power of Progress.

She also teaches workshops about The Power of Progress and all areas of healthy living.

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