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37: How to Choose Your Pageant Evening Gown

An evening gown is one of the favorite portions of pageantry for many audience members. What you choose to wear for your crowning moment is as important as what you’d wear to accept a Grammy. In this episode, I break down where to shop, how to prepare for shopping, what to bring to your gown appointment, and other important concepts related to your pageant evening gown.

Where to Go:

+ Find a boutique with experience, like a sponsor of a pageant or someone that is engaged in the industry all over the country/world
+ Make an appointment and arrive on time 

How to Prepare:

+ Have your hair and make up looking stage-ready
+ Have a few styles in mind, but keep an open mind for other styles, too
+ Share your price-range with your shopping assistant so they can help you search for options
+ Don’t try on a gown that is far out of your budget or else you’ll be disappointed
+ Arrive with energy so you can make the most of your experience and make quick decisions
+ Don’t wear body make up like fake tanner or tattoo foundation
+ Bring a scarf or make up shield to use while you’re trying on 

What to Bring:

+ Shoes you plan to wear, or similar ones
+ Extra jewelry: AB crystal and rhinestone earrings so you can try with dresses
+ Boob inserts
+ Nude undergarments like Spanx
+ Strapless Bra
+ Decision makers like parents, director, sponsors, etc 

What makes pageant gowns cost more:

+ Famous Pageant Gown Designers
+ Beads, crystals, jewels
+ Custom designs
+ Alterations 

How to respect the store owners:

+ Touch gowns by the hanger, not the fabric
+ Don’t go over your appointment time
+ Hang your dresses in the dressing room
+ Stay positive, honest, respectful and gracious to those helping you
+ Take a photo with the gown in the garment bag and post a ‘Thank you’ on social media

And that, ladies, is how you win a pageant! 

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