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76: 5 Real Reasons Judges Judge Pageants

episode-76-featured-imageWhen I was competing … long before I ever judged a pageant, I always felt like judges were out to get me. Like I was a freshman on my first day in the high school and they were the nasty senior trying to trip me in the hallway. Isn’t that an awful mental image? Do you ever feel that way? It was so real to me then!

And then, I judged my first pageant and my perspective totally changed. I’ve since judged tons of pageants everything from Little Miss Canadota Lake to Miss California pageants. It’s so fun! As a judge, you get to hang out with the directors behind the scenes, you see what every girl brings to the table, you get to ask the questions you want to know about, you get to go out to dinner with the other judges and chit-chat about life, and then you get to be a part of changing a woman’s whole life… all in one weekend! It’s awesome!

That experience helped me see that the judges are really FOR you, not against you. Instead of the nasty senior trying to trip you, they’re really more like the senior math tutor that meets you after school and helps you study and when you get an A they text you an adorable A+ Bitmoji seriously! That’s your judge!

In this episode, I want to break down for you 5 Real Reasons that judges want to be on a judging panel and I hope this gives you the insight you need to relax and do your part to showcase your best self for them.

1. To help out their friend who is the director of the pageant.

This is usually the first reason that someone has to become a judge. They want to volunteer their time to assist with something that is clearly so important to their friend (your pageant director) and have heard such beautiful things over the years so they want to help out their friend and are happy to be involved.

2. They want to be a part of all the hub-bub!

They know that pageants are a big deal and there’s a certain level of mystery to what really goes on behind the curtain, so they want to see what it’s all about and check judge a pageant off their bucket list.

3. They want to be the one that selects the winner.

They want to say, I chose Miss Florida. I’m sure you hear people every year after Miss America say something like, Yeah, I had her picked from her introduction. People love this! It’s like hand-selecting the star of everyone’s favorite tv show and then being like, yeah, you have me to thank

4. They want to uncover a diamond in the rough.

They are rooting for the underdog and want to watch a woman rise with confidence and empowerment under the intense pressure of a pageant. They want to see a rags-to-riches story unfold and they want their part in it. These judges have a heart for the least likely candidates and have a special gift of dusting off the dirt to uncover your gold.

5. Most often, they want to draw the winning lottery ticket for someone that makes their dreams come true!

Imagine if you had the power to pull the Million Dollar Lotto and then you got to immediately usher that person onto a stage and take photos with them on the day of their win I mean, imagine that! How exciting would that be?! You’d have an instant connection with this new celebrity and you’d have a hand in making their dreams come true!

I’ve learned so much from judging on a variety of panels not just about the process that goes into scoring, calibrating, calculating and delivering results but also in the passion and motivation of each judge in the room. They aren’t there to trip you up. They aren’t trying to be nasty. They aren’t out to hurt you. They are hoping for a diamond, looking for a gem, searching for the gold in each one and they want their work to make your dreams to true.

Your job is to dazzle them by spoon-feeding them exactly what they need to see your gold and root for you.

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