101: What’s New at Win A Pageant


Last week, we celebrated 100 episodes of the Win A Pageant podcast. It is such a joy to be guiding you on this pageant journey. I’m thrilled to be your captain!


Since the beginning of the podcast in 2015, a lot has happened. I wanted to give you the updates of where we’ve been and also some insights as to where we’re going for the next season of Win A Pageant. I’ll break this into each element of the brand and share what we’ve done in the past and the vision for the future.


1. Podcast

There are three main components to success in any area of life: Strategy, Application, and Community. The first 100 episodes focused on strategy. I presented step-by-step trainings to guide your pageant experience. As a trained teacher, my bachelor’s degree is Education and my masters is in Adult Learning I believe I’m skilled at delivering step-by-step instruction on how to achieve your intended outcome.


In the upcoming season of the podcast, I want to focus more on Application and Community. Individual application is when you take strategy, lessons, education and apply it to your own situation. It like learning how to add and then actually applying addition to your real life. Children tend to learn best through memorization and action, but adults learn best through application and example. That’s why in 8th grade, your tests are about Joanna cleaning a bus in 22 minutes and Carl cleaning it in 38 minutes, so how long will it take them to do it together. But, as an adult, we ask questions like, well, do they have time to plan before they start washing? and do they have to both be working at the same time? and Doesn’t Carl know a guy who cleans buses for $15 in under 5 minutes, why can’t we just take the bus to him?


Sooo… for adults, application is key. I get emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and YouTube comments with specific questions, but it’s hard for me to really give a good answer over those platforms.


That’s why I’m launching the Ask Alycia segment. I want you to be able to ask a specific question as it applies to you, your situation, your platform, your pageant. When a question comes up, you’ll go to WinAPageant.com/Q and voice record a 60-second question for me. Your voicemail will be sent to me and if selected I’ll feature your question with my answer on an upcoming episode of Win A Pageant. Start thinking of your questions now. The first Q&A episode will be later this month. To ask your question go to: WinAPageant.com/Q


The third key element of success is Community or environment. You are a product of the people you spend the most time with. So, in addition to hearing my voice each week, I want to introduce you to some other influencers in pageantry. I want to help bring my community to you. You’ll see more and more interviews with directors, titleholders, even past titleholders, make up artists, stylists, anyone that I think would bring you amazing value and add to your life.


That’s what to expect for the future of the podcast. Now, let’s talk about YouTube!


2. YouTube Playlists

In January of 2017, my dear assistant Diamond helped me to put all of the past podcast episodes into well organized playlists on YouTube. As we move forward, we’ll be posting each new podcast episode there as well as the video interviews with guests of the Win A Pageant podcast. I would love for you to join us there by subscribing at: WinAPageant.com/youtube


3. Beauty, Truth and Grace Book

In celebration of the 100th episode, I launched the first Win A Pageant book called Beauty, Truth and Grace: Pageant Coaching to Win on Stage and in Life. This is a beginning-to-end pageant manual that includes all the aspects of pageantry you’ll need to know to decide which pageant to compete in, prepare to stand out from the others, perform as a pageant professional, and be a fabulous titleholder that leaves a powerful legacy.


In less than 24-hours the book became a Bestseller on Amazon – can you believe that?! I was so flattered, but also it helped me see how much this type of information is needed in the pageant industry.


If you were one of the ones to buy the book during this launch, may I just say a sincere,

Thank you.


When the book first launched, only the Kindle version was available. This week, the paperback version of the book launched. If you’re the type of gal that prefers to hold the book – maybe you want to make notes in the margins or highlight your favorite part – then this is for you.


Right now, you can get the paperback version of the book. Amazon won’t let me do it for 99-cents because they have to also ship the book to you, but I wanted to make it low enough that it wouldn’t be a burden for those of you who know you need this book.


You can buy it at: WinAPageant.com/book


4. Coaching Programs

Since 2015, I’ve created several pageant products and coaching programs, including the Art of Pageantry, Sponsor Success Formula and the VIP program.


Those three programs have since closed. Now, my private coaching comes in 2 forms: Skype Mock Interviews and my signature program, the Pageant Interview Game Plan.


Skype Mock Interviews are meant for the woman that has been listening to the podcast or read the book or studied the course and is ready to test her abilities. It’s a 45-minute Skype video call where we do several interviews with feedback after each one so you can improve every time. I also record these calls so that you can see yourself and how you did for your own personal critique. It’s also cool to see how you improve after implementing the feedback I give you right on our call. Mock interviews are available for $150.


The Pageant Interview Game Plan launched in September 2016. It’s a 4-week online course that walks you through all the elements of branding, communication, preparation, platform and delivery to nail your pageant interview. It covers everything you could imagine that needs covered to ace your pageant interview.


Wardrobe? Yep.

Pageant Branding? Definitely.

Political, Current events, and Controversial Questions? Yes.

Opening and closing statements? Covered.

Paperwork? Podium? Communication? Yes, Yes, yes.

What the judges are looking for? I’ve got ya covered, girl.


And, one of the best parts is our private Facebook Group. All the members of the Pageant Interview Game Plan get access to the private Facebook group where they can ask me anything! In that group, I’ve reviewed homework, created legacy projects, approved wardrobe, shared products for curly hair, fixed paperwork, and improved bios – the whole sham-wow!


This is the best-of-all-worlds program. It’s a fully supported self-study course with direct access to the coach. Right now, the program is priced at $297.


Enrollment is open for the Game Plan. You can get the details at: WinAPageant.com/gameplan


My goal this year is to expand my reach through public speaking, media appearances, and marketing in order to grow our Pageant Interview Game Plan community. I purposely made the program cost less than an evening gown so that the women who are serious about winning would be able to get the training they need and surround themselves with a community of go-getters. I love interacting with these women daily in our Facebook Group and can’t wait to do more meet-ups throughout the country for these clients.


My hope is that the Win A Pageant brand encourages you to shine your light to those around you, lift up other women on our quest for greatness, reach your highest potential, and leave a legacy of love in this world.


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89: 5 Steps to Figure Out Your Platform Legacy Project

An awesome platform is vital to getting appearances, especially before you win a big state or national title. Your platform gets you in the door for appearances and media interviews.


And when it comes to pageant week, what you’ve done with your platform is what separates you from all the other contestants. My clients are trained to market what we call a Legacy Project it’s the product or project you lead that uses your unique skills to creatively solve a problem.


One of my clients wrote a children’s book that teaches adults how to read to children while entertaining the kids.


Another created a DIY home garden project in conjunction with Home Depot.


I developed a professional home fitness video series available online for free.


Whatever you DO with your platform will be your legacy… you don’t want your legacy to be that you did nothing.


Today, I’m going to give you 5 steps to figure out what your legacy project can be. We’re going to find the intersection between your uniquely amazing qualities and the problems you want to solve.


Step 1: Write a list of all the things you’re excellent at

Maybe you are great at cooking or sewing. Maybe you can sing opera better than an opera singer. Maybe you know how to talk a cat out of a tree. Whatever you are excellent at, write it down. For me, I knew I was excellent at speaking on camera, designing home workouts, and marketing things online.


Step 2: Cross off the stuff that you aren’t really excellent at

If you can sing, but you aren’t the best in your choir, scratch that off. We want to only focus on where you excel above the others. You may end up with about 5 or 8 things on this list.


Step 3: Determine the group of people you want to help

Who is it you are most passionate about impacting? Is it children who have lost a parent? Or abused pets? Maybe it’s adults who want to overcome addiction or teens that are bullies. Write out the characteristics of this person. If you know of an actual person that’s even better. Maybe you’ll say, Heather who is the biggest bully in the 8th grade. Or Sam, your friend’s dad who has struggled with alcoholism for years. Identify exactly who you want to help. For me, I chose to help people who weren’t exercising, but they really wanted to lose weight.


Step 4: Make a list

of the biggest struggles, challenges, and set-backs that the people you want to help are facing. What is their biggest problem? What are they most afraid of? Maybe the bullies are scared they will not be liked by other kids so they are mean to other kids so those kids won’t be mean to them. Maybe the struggling addict doesn’t know how to break the cycle or where to go for help and feels like if he goes to the AA meetings he’ll embarrass his family. For me, the people I wanted to help were embarrassed to go to the gym and be seen as overweight, so they wanted to work out at home first. They couldn’t afford a personal trainer or they lived too far from a gym to go every day. They also didn’t know how to exercise or which exercises to do in what order.


Step 5: Go through all of the biggest problems

from your second list (step 4) and use your first list (step 1) to create a unique solution to each one of the problems. Get really creative, think outside the box. Don’t be held back by time or money yet. You can flush through the details later. Right now, just let your imagination fly! Some will be better than others, for sure, but this is just meant to help you discover where you can use your unique skills to creatively solve a problem. This is how I decided to create home workouts available for free online.
When you’ve struck gold, you’ll know it! Read back through all of your ideas and select any idea that you think is totally magical! That is where the treasure lies!


Your legacy project won’t be easy, but it will be life-changing for you and everyone you are able to impact!


That, my dear, is how you win a pageant and leave a legacy!


Thanks for joining me today and I’ll talk to ya on the next Win A Pageant Wednesday.


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81: How to Respond When Your Pageant Judge Asks a Political Question


episode-81-featured-image Politics are a scary topic in pageantry, mostly because we don’t know exactly how we should be responding to these questions.

Scan the room and tell them what you think they believe?
Bluntly give your honest opinion and risk offending others and creating a great divide?
Gracefully evade the question all together and attempt to change the topic?

The two most recent and memorable political questions came from the Miss USA pageant in the final question phase of competition.

Carrie Prejean in 2009 gave her blunt opinion about same-sex marriage in her Top 5 Question and ended up as first runner-up.

Chelsea Hardin in 2016 gracefully danced around the question of who she’d vote for in the upcoming election. She, too, was first runner-up.

I wish I could tell you there were a sure-fire way to answer ANY question and win. There’s not. It’s all a delicate dance.

What I can tell you is that no matter what, you have to deliver your answer with certainty in what you’re saying.

Your pageant interview is not a quiz. They aren’t so much judging what you say as how you say it.

I tell all my clients, “You don’t have to answer, you just have to respond.”

Isn’t that freeing?!

Suddenly, you realize, you aren’t a presidential candidate, governor, or lobbying activist. You’re a student, a teacher, a nurse, a pageant woman – you don’t have the answers, so don’t try to be ‘right.’ Just be ‘lovely.’

First, it begins with knowing yourself deeply and in the context of the greater community.

Then, recognize you are a spokesperson for a larger cause. Your voice carries weight because of your association.

Finally, know the hill you’re prepared to die on. Meaning, what are you willing to stand for even if it means you’ll lose the title. These values are the ones that make you a powerful woman.

Remember, life goes on after the pageant. You’ll give up the title in a year, start a new career and the words you spoke back then, when you had the platform to stand for something will still echo. 

Start with knowing yourself deeply so you know where you stand.

Then, answer with confidence. Don’t shrivel up in the corner. Come with your full understanding of yourself, your community, and your values.

You may get an “unlucky question” – that’s what the owner of the pageant said about Carrie Prejean’s final question in 2009 – but 7 years after the pageant, whether you win or lose, you’ll be able to sleep at night that you answered with confidence and ease.

That, my dear, is how you win in life. 

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69: The 7 Steps to Book a Pageant Appearance


Win A Pageant Podcast-04One common misconception of winning a pageant is the idea that when you win a pageant, you’ll be swept away into some fairytale land where you get a business manager, PR specialist and full glam team. The reason people believe this is because this is what happens in some pageants – namely Miss USA or Miss America. But, for most pageant winners, this is not the case. In fact, when you win your pageant you are actually expected to be the one to book your own appearances. Sometimes, you are contractually obligated to do 2 or more per month, so this is a necessary skill long before you win the title.


In this episode I’m going to share with you the 7 steps to book appearances like a true pageant professional with or without a crown.



68: Avoid Becoming a Deer In Pageant Headlights


Podcast Cover Photos-NEW-05Today, I’m saving you from the ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

I know you’ve seen it before. It’s so super awkward for your whole audience and the poor girl usually doesn’t even know it’s happening until she gets the photos back and she blames the photographer for catching her at a bad moment…until she gets the DVD and realizes she had no good moment.

The ‘deer in the headlights’ phrase describes the pageant girl that walks onto stage and nearly freezes like a deer that steps out onto the road and freezes looking right at it until it’s hit at full speed. It’s awful. For everyone. But especially for the woman that doesn’t even realize she’s doing it.


67: Memorize Your Pageant Introduction in 4 Easy Steps

Podcast Cover Photos-NEW-06
One of the greatest skills that pageant women learn is to convey memorized material in a way that feels new every time. It’s a secret of actors, speakers, and media professionals. And it’s a vital skill to win a pageant.

Usually, when a woman attempts to memorize a speech, it generally loses emotional qualities that make it feel real, relatable, and engaging. One of my greatest pet-peeves, and that of every judge and pageant director, and audience member… is a boring, monotone on stage introduction or answer to an on-stage question. It’s painful to listen to, makes you pity the poor girl, and gets hideously low scores.

I’ve heard so many well-written introductions that get wasted away with no emotion. In this episode, I want to teach you how to add emotion into your introduction to help you memorize it without boring the audience, but rather spiking their attention.