176: What (and How) to Pack for a Photoshoot

I just finished a photo shoot with two of my amazing friends, and I wanted to show you, because I think this could be really helpful for you to know what to pack for a photo shoot.


So, I’ve got all this stuff here, and I’m going to kind of just show you a little bit about what to pack, what to consider. Because, I’ve just got to say, my photographer said that I was the most prepared person she’d ever shot with. And I was like, “Ah, thank you. I’ve had practice!” I’m going to show you exactly what you need to pack for your upcoming photo shoot.


First, you want to start with your main base outfits. I had two. My photo shoot was two hours, so we did two main outfits, and then we did a ton of accessories and sweaters and other things. So, my two were a simple white tank,  and simple gray pants. And then, I had a pink tee shirt and white pants. So, those are my main two outfits.


 Once you’ve got that, now you can start to say, okay, what are all the other pieces to put with it? So what I’ve found is that changing your shirt can change the look completely. Adding a scarf or changing a bag or something like that can help, but as you’ll see in my Instagram in the coming days, you’ll see the other posts of these photos, really over the next couple of months. So, you’ll get to see what came of them.


Then, you’ll want to think through additional tops.  I brought a gray jacket, which ended up going with a couple outfits and one was white on white. I did a lot of neutrals, top and bottom, and then I did my colors in my sweaters and stuff.


You also want to bring a couple of different shoes.


I brought flats, just loafers, because we were doing a kind of Summer/Fall shoot. I brought high heels in black. Again, neutral. And then, I brought wedges to make it a little bit more casual. And you’ll notice, all of these shoes would’ve gone with any of my outfits. You don’t want to have an outfit that doesn’t have shoes to go with it. Just throw in an extra pair if you need to. And then, you can kind of mix and match.


Then, I brought a few bags. This bag is more of a Wintery kind of Fall-ish look, so we shot this with the gray pants. But, that would’ve worked, of course, with black pants or other things. Another bag we used for a Summer-ish look. And then, I don’t think we ended up using this other bag I took. That was more of just a tote to bring things around.


Okay. Jewelry. You want to bring a lot of jewelry! I have this chocolate box where I just put my jewelry in here because it’s so easy to carry. Okay. I had a few different types of things. I ended up bringing barrettes. We ended up not using them at all. Some watches and bracelets. A bunch of earrings. Bring as many types of earrings as you can! We ended up not using most of them, but some of them, we did. This could’ve worked with a lot of these different outfits. Earrings can change a look, because in a photo shoot, sometimes you’re only going to do upper body anyway. You know? Just swapping out the earrings can change the whole look. You want to bring lots of extra jewelry!


Then, makeup. So, I usually just bring my essential touch up makeup. You definitely want to bring powder, because, you know, you’re going to be working hard so if you get a shine or something. My photographer actually had me add more eyebrow because it had been brushed off with all the changes and stuff. So, we did that. Blush and lipstick. Bring lots of different lipstick colors too, because that can go far.


I also brought a hat. I brought sunglasses. Two different types of sunglasses. Oh, I brought this, my little tumbler with my logo on it. But, we didn’t end up using that after all. But, it was still cute.


I love scarves and I wear scarves a lot, so I brought just a bunch of scarves. Just simply, like if I were to just throw this on with the outfit, it just completely changes the look. Right? And now, with a closeup shot, the look looks completely different. Right? So, anyway. Scarves go a long way.


And then, maybe you’ve seen this on the Home Edit. Maybe you’ve just done this naturally on your own. I never stored my scarves like this before, but the home edit taught me to do these little, I think they call them scarf donuts or something. Anyway. It’s a great way to store them.


Oh, and then I have these hanging things behind me here. One of the things that I thought was a game changer was a blazer! So, I brought just a simple black blazer, and then I brought this green sweater too. But those helped so much because it allowed me to elevate a look, because this is all casual. But then, put on the blazer and boom! Things look different.


Also Belts! Bring a bunch of belts. I only brought this color and, black, and I wished I would’ve had my white belt with me, but I just forgot it. But that would’ve been helpful.


So, that’s what to bring in terms of wardrobe. Now, I’m going to give you three additional tips that I highly recommend. Actually, I got a fourth one too. Four tips. Number one, bring a towel that you can use, or a scarf that you aren’t going to be using, and use it for your change of clothes. So, you know when you take off a shirt and then you put on a shirt, it can sometimes rub over your makeup? So, you don’t want your makeup to get on the new shirt that you’re photographing. You just put the towel over your face, and then you put your shirt on over top of you.


Then, the makeup gets on the towel and not on your new clothes. But, it still can mess up your eyebrows and stuff, so you got to just kind of make it look right. So that’s thing one. Bring a towel. We ended up using a towel to sit on and to wipe stuff off and stuff like that. So, one thing that I’m going to add to my photo shoot list for the future is wet wipes, because a lot of the things that we were sitting on were dusty because it was an outdoor shoot. So, something to think about.


The next thing is to bring a suitcase! I put all this stuff, except for the jewelry and the sunglasses and the hat, those things I put in that bag, but I fit all of this stuff into this little travel sized suitcase. So, when you fit all of this in there, then what’s great is we could drag this around from location to location! So, everywhere that we went in these little nooks, we could just pop everything back in there, drag it to the next spot. So, it made it really easy for wardrobe changes. Then, I could just put it down on the ground, lift it up, dig through whatever it was that I needed, grab what I needed, and head onto the next thing. You know?


Tip number three is to bring some snacks for the crew! We had a photographer and we had an assistant who was basically the stylist. She served as stylist. She made sure that my frizzies were put down. Anytime, if the photographer was like, “Okay, add the sunglasses” and I would go like this, she’d be like, “Okay. Wait. Susan, come over!” And then, Susan would help and stuff and she’s such a dear friend! It was sweet. And she’s a friend!I tried these one earrings on and I was like, “Do these look corny?” And she’s like, “Yes.” I’m like, “Okay. Excellent.” Like, fast decisions. Let’s go. You know? It was so helpful to have her. So, it was great to have somebody like that. Even if the photographer doesn’t have somebody like that on staff, then I highly recommend just bringing a friend that their whole job is to look and make sure that you are looking fab. All right. So that is tip number three. Oh, tip number three is snacks. Okay. Well, that was tip number four.


So, snacks, what I did was, when we got there, I was near a coffee shop, and so I said to the photographer and my friend who, both of them are my friends, but one was serving as photographer and the other stylist, and I said, “Girls, I want to buy you a coffee, so what would you like?” And one wanted a mocha and the other a latte. So, I just bought them coffees. I didn’t have a coffee because I knew that I was going to have to be doing stuff. I was going to be changing clothes and things like that. So, I just had water. But, it was perfect to be able to offer that to them.


I also brought snacks. So, I had a cooler and I put in cucumbers and M&M’s, and you could do carrots or whatever, things that are light and easy to pick at. So, you wouldn’t want to bring a turkey sandwich or something like that. You know? Then, I put LaCroix’s in there and kept them cold because we were going to be outside. It was hot in San Diego.It was a perfect little thing to just have. My shoot was only two hours, but then when the shoot was over, I was like, “Okay, you girls. We didn’t eat our snacks. You want some snacks?” And I sent them with snacks, so it was a good little parting gift.


Now here’s the final tip. Tip yo staff, y’all!  So, the quote that she gave me was, I felt it was pretty low for what she was offering me, so I gave her a little bit extra. Remember, I always, always say we enter the gates of Heaven with Thanksgiving.

Psalm 100:4

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,

And into His courts with praise.

Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

And that is, when you show gratitude and when you show that praise that you’re able to give people, I just think it goes such a long, long way!


So, tip your staff. I have not yet tipped my girlfriend yet, but that is coming soon. I already did with my photographer, who’s amazing and incredible. If anybody needs a photographer, Southern California, specifically in San Diego, let your girl know and I will make an introduction. She is fabulous. Okay?


So, I’m going to just give you a little look see at the final things, just to remind you what you need.


Happy photo shooting!


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174: Your Dream to Win A Pageant & What You Need to Do

Happy New year! I hope that you have set some goals! We’re about a week into January right now, and I am such a big believer in goal setting because I truly believe that setting a goal is like taking the dreams that God has given you and writing them down on paper. And I truly believe that God has given you very specific dreams. You, specifically! Specific dreams to achieve, but it’s your job to now achieve those things. It says in the Bible, he will give you dreams and visions.


Job 33:15 

He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night,
when deep sleep falls on people
as they lie in their beds.


Joel 2:28

“And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.” 


Acts 2:17

‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams.


I have a friend of mine, she says her dreams are so vivid and she’s like, “When I have a really, really vivid dream, I write it down.” Like a dream, when she goes to bed at night and she wakes up, she has a dream.


She writes those down because she’s like, “I see those things walking out in my life and it’s just so cool to have seen it already in a dream.” The Bible says that that can happen for many of us. Now God speaks to everybody in different ways. For me personally, it doesn’t always happen when I’m asleep at night that I have a dream, but I do feel a dream. For me, it stirs my spirit. That’s kind of how I feel. In fact, I would love to hear how you hear God’s voice and the dreams that he gives you. So put that in the comments below this video for me because I’m really curious to know how God talks to people. I think it’s fascinating! He talks to everybody in a very different way!


It’s a very personal individual relationship. But I also want to share with you the flip side of that, because I believe that while God gives you these dreams, I actually believe that he does that because he wants to inspire you to chase it. But how often do we receive a dream, a vision of some type, and our spirit is moved towards something exciting and something like, this would be awesome, and get so excited about it- but then the world kind of creeps in and stifles it a little bit? The devil has come to kill your dreams, to steal your joy and to destroy everything that your life is meant to be, and so much more. He’s come to kill, steal and destroy.


John 10:10

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.


All of that stuff is what he’s after. God’s giving you this dream and you have so much energy and so much passion around it, he wants you to chase it and we don’t even sometimes know why. In fact, when I was competing in pageants, at the very beginning of my early competition years, I truly felt like God called me to compete in this pageant. I remember specifically I was like, for a fact, God wants me here and I thought it was because I was going to win. I had the most amount of confidence because I was like, “I’m going to win this thing because God said so. He put this dream on my heart and this is what I’m going for!” I did not win that pageant.


I remember thinking back on it, like, why? Why did I not even win? What the heck, God? Come on! I truly felt that if He gave me the dream, it must’ve meant for that specific outcome. But what I’ve now discovered 10 years later is that he wanted me to pursue it because of all of the knowledge that I have that I’m able to now share with you. God needed me to pursue over and over. If I would have just won the first pageant I competed in, then I wouldn’t have learned what I have now, the knowledge that I have now. It took me year after year after year, state after state, system after system after system, to learn all of the knowledge that I have now that I’m able to share with you.


It’s not like I could just win the thing and then still have all of this wisdom to share. So now I see that by God putting that dream on the inside of me and charging me to go after it, by pursuing it, and I pursued it! I did not leave any rock unturned! I was like, I’m really doing this because I felt so called to it and I did it over and over and I lost. And then I would try again and would lose again. I was first runner up and then first runner up and then first runner up. I was first runner up three times before I finally won Miss California. All of those experiences have led me to the wisdom that I’m now able to share with you.


So thank God He gave me that dream that I could pursue it over and over and over again, that that desire was so strong! I promise you, God has given you a dream. I would love to know what your dreams are. What has he stirred up inside of you? Perhaps, even as you’re watching this video right now, you’re thinking or listening to this, you’re thinking, “Actually, yeah, God did give me a dream and I kind of forgot about it,” or “I set it aside because I thought it was too big,” or “I thought it was not going to be something for me, that it was just for someone else to do,” or whatever. Listen, God gives you a dream because he wants you to pursue it. But it is your responsibility to pursue it. You have to. You can’t just let it die.


That’s not what you’re called to do. If he’s given you the dream, he’s not just going to magically … I mean, he could if he wanted to, but it’s highly unlikely because the way that the Kingdom works is that we learn through experience, that it takes time. He’s given us time so that we can use it as a resource. We can learn different things. We can piece things together. We can understand the world differently in our little time bubble that we’re in. If God wanted you to have a thing, he would just give it to you, but really he’s probably less about the thing and he’s more about the experience of achieving the thing, because that is where the real gold will lie. When you go through this experience of achieving the dream, then you’re going to have so much wisdom, so much insight and things that you’re going to be actually able to now contribute to the world.


A gift is not something you receive to keep yourself. Gifts are always given in order to be given away. So when God gives you a gift, it’s so that you can now give it to others. He’s giving you a gift, perhaps of communication, perhaps he’s giving you a gift of love, of thoughtfulness. Maybe you see things about people in ways that you can help them. Maybe he’s giving you the gift of a servant’s heart. All those things are gifts for you to be given away to others, to serve and to help others. So I want to encourage you that God has given you dreams. I know that he has. The Bible tells us, He knit you together in your mothers womb,


Psalms 139:13

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.


And later it says that,


Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.


And I believe it’s not going to say that unless he gave you the desires of your heart.


He’s not going to give you desires of your heart that are like wackadoo. It’s going to be the things he put in there for you. He wants you to have those things that you desire so deeply, but it’s your job to pursue it. So don’t let things get in your way. Don’t let excuses come up! You got to get around the right people that are encouraging you, that are helping you to pursue those dreams that are saying, “Yes, you can do this, and here’s how.” You got to get the skill set to actually develop it. You’re not just born with all of the skills you’ll ever need to achieve all these great things in your life. No. God is going to position people and resources at the right place at the right time, and it will be up to you to decide if you choose to use it or you don’t, that’s up to you. I would encourage you to get it, to use the thing! Do the thing, do whatever you need to do!


So with that, I want to share with you our free week of pageant coaching! I truly believe that God has called me to this work and this is why I provide this to you. Because I think that this is something that I can give you to give you access to the things that you need to achieve your dream of becoming a title holder. If that is a dream that you are chasing this year, then I want to help. So I’ve got a free week of pageant training coming up for you. We start very soon. So do not delay! You’ve got to register. Even though it’s free, you’ve got to register, so you make sure you get all of the details on how to join us for all the goodies. You can register in the link in my bio. So go to that link now and get registered for the free week of pageant training. I cannot wait to help you achieve your dreams because my dear, not just having the dream, but chasing the dream, that is how you win a pageant!


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173: How to Be More Confident – The 2 Components to Confidence

Today, let’s talk about confidence! Specifically, how you can become more confident preparing for your pageant. So confidence, as you know, is wildly important for pageant women, because in order to win your pageant, you have to be able to portray that confidence. And confidence is actually made up of two pieces, and these two pieces are required in order for you to have the best confidence when you walk out on stage. So in this video, I’m going to share with you what those two specific things are, and what you can do to make sure you get them before your pageant.


Okay, so the first thing is knowing the truth. And I’m not talking about just like any old truth, but I’m talking about the truth of what it takes to achieve whatever goal you’re setting. So this confidence can be, of course, applied to pageantry. But right now a lot of us are setting goals for the new year, and we’re thinking about,  how do I have the confidence to achieve anything that I set? Well, the very first thing you need to know is the truth. The truth about what it’s going to take, the truth about how to get there. And in fact, think about, have you ever had this happen to you, where you were poised with a question like, “Hey, why is the sky blue?” Or something like that. Now, some of you might know the answer of why the sky is actually blue. And so you’re confident because you know the truth.

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Maybe you’ve had this before, where you’ve had a bet with somebody. For example, every year my husband speaks at a real estate conference with 4,000 some people, and  it’s in Vegas every year. A couple of years ago when we were there, he was saying,”Oh yeah, I remember last year when we were at…”  because they change the hotel around every year. And I think he said it was at Mandalay Bay or something. And I was like, “No, no, last year wasn’t Mandalay Bay. It was Planet Hollywood.” And he was like, “Wait, no, it wasn’t. It was definitely…” So he definitely, definitely, definitely thought that it was at Mandalay Bay. And I definitely, definitely, definitely thought that it was at Planet Hollywood. So we were like, “want to bet?”


We bet a massage, an hour long massage for the other, whether it was at Mandalay Bay or Planet Hollywood. I just knew, I just knew that I knew I was right.  But he just knew, he just knew that he was right. We both thought… Now it doesn’t really matter that I happened to be right on that, and I did win the bet. But my point here is that regardless of whether the truth really is the truth or not, your conviction of it is what is so important. That’s why people say fake it till you make it, because they think, as long as you’re pretending that you know the truth, then perhaps you’ll have a shot.


Now, in pageantry that doesn’t apply. Because here’s the thing. You might have all the confidence in the world that by wearing your hair like this, you’re going to win your pageant, or something crazy. I’ve been there before, where I had all types of wild things that I thought was the right way. But I’d realized that I’d been duped, that I had believed an untruth either about myself, about what the pageant expected, or about competition, or just from hearing what goes on, about politics, whatever. And I believed that truth. And so I had confidence in that truth, but it wasn’t the real truth. So the number one thing to having confidence is you’ve got to know the truth.


Now, how do you do that in pageantry? How do you get to the bottom of the truth? Same thing for setting any goal, how do you get to the actual truth of the matter? Well, you could either search for proper feedback. Feedback is when you test something, and then you’re open to understanding what’s the feedback that you’re getting. So you might try to do a thing and you might realize like, “Hmm, based on how I did that, the feedback that I got was not positive. Let me try something different instead.” You got to be open to it, right? But that’s one way of doing it, is getting feedback. Now, you’ve got to get feedback from the right source. Because there are a lot of false prophets out there too. We’re warned about that, that there are a lot of people out there that might be giving you advice.


I mean, think about it. In pageantry, you get advice from everybody and their mom and their cousin, and like everybody who’s ever watched a pageant before, they think they can tell you exactly what you need to do. “Oh, you need to dye your hair blonde.” Or, “Oh, you really ought to grow it really long.” “Oh, you need extensions.” “Oh, you should get a better tan.” “Oh, you should wear the color red.” Right? Do you not get this all the time?


So it’s great to get advice. And I encourage it, because I think it’s feedback. But you’ve got to know how to sort the feedback. The best phrase that I use, I got from a mentor of mine, and it’s just applied in so many ways. It’s that if the feedback applies to your situation, then modify your behavior. But if it doesn’t apply, let it fly. So the easiest way to think of this, if you want to write it down as a mantra on your mirror or something, “if it applies, modify. If not, let it fly!”  And it’s got to be that smooth, that easy. Does this apply to me? No? Okay, moving on. Does this apply to me? Yes? All right, let me implement this. It can’t be like, “Oh, but I wish that…” “Oh, but maybe if…” No, no, no, no, no. Just let it fly or modify, and move on.


So getting the truth, you’ve got to consider the source. Does this person actually have experience with this? Do they actually know what they’re talking about? Do they have a track record of success? This goes with any goal that you are setting, perhaps you are like, “I want to launch my podcast this year. I’ve always wanted to do this, and I want to go for it.” Don’t take some advice from somebody who’s never done a podcast before. Or someone who’s never listened to podcasts before, even worse! You want to consider the source. Where is this information coming from, and does it apply to me? And if so, then modify your behavior or apply that behavior. If not, let it fly. Because what you are actually looking for is sorting for the truth. And the truth is out there. You’ve got to look for it. In any situation, what you are trying to do, you’ve got to find the truth.


So the first thing is, you got to know the truth.Okay, here’s part two. This is the piece that actually is the thing that I’ve found in my pageant contestants that is the make or break for anybody. Finding the truth is one thing. But then you’ve got to actually go all in. You’ve got to apply it. You got to do the work, right?


And that’s the piece that trips people up. Here’s why. Because some of you know the truth, and perhaps you’ve even competed in a pageant before. This has happened to me before, where I competed in a pageant, I knew what I should have been doing. I literally knew what I should have been doing. I knew what the pageant needed. I knew the look that they were looking for. I knew all the stuff, and I made lazy decisions and didn’t do the things. So guess what my result was? I didn’t win the pageant. And when I look back on that, I think what the heck was I thinking? I actually knew what I needed to do. That’s the first step. But now you need to apply it.


And you’ve got to apply it to the extreme, because what a lot of women do is that they understand what they need to do, and then they don’t do it. Then it comes to a month before their pageant, or two months before they’re pageant. And now they’re scrambling, like, “Oh, I have to get all these things down. I have to learn how to do my makeup. I’ve got to figure out my dress. I’ve got to get a legacy project now. Oh, I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to do all of this time and how am I going to pack?” And all of a sudden, you’re overwhelmed.


But here’s the tricky part,  you actually knew the truth the whole time, perhaps. And you just never applied it. You never actually went all in. So now when you step out on the stage, what might have been better was to just be naive and be like, “Whatever, I don’t even know the truth. I’m just kind of having fun out here.” But now you show up with a heaviness, because you realize, actually I knew what to do and I didn’t do it. And that is so much worse.


So, let me encourage you in these two specific things. Number one, find the truth, the real, the actual truth. What actually is going to help you achieve your goals. Don’t just take advice from any old where. Make sure that it comes from a credible source. And then number two, go all in. Once you know the truth, once you know what you need to do, apply it. Just apply it! Just do the things, don’t make any lazy decisions. My trainer told me this years ago, no lazy decisions! You should never make a decision just because you’re being lazy. Decisions need to be because this is what I need to do, or this is what I don’t need to do. This is going to be healthy for me or this is going to be not healthy. Not because you’re just lazy.


Take it from me. This has happened to me. It perhaps has even happened to you. I think lots of us, this has happened to. That’s kind of how we learn, right? But I want to get you there before you end up on stage all on your own, knowing the truth and being like, “Oh crap. I just wish I would’ve done this.” So get the truth and go all in. Because that is how you win a pageant.


171: Clean Your Make Up Brushes Quick & Easy For Pageant Girls

Today I wanted to share with you how I clean my makeup brushes. I’m going to show you what I use that was recommended to me once and it’s a phenomenal strategy.


First, we’re going to need the dirty brushes. I like to use a just regular dark black cloth with this to put down on my workstation, because it could get a little messy. And then I use a glass jar. Now, this is just a jar that I had a candle in it actually, and I just put it in the freezer,  popped the wax out so that I could use the jar for this.


The product that was recommended is what a ton of professional makeup artists use. It’s called Cinema Secrets.  This is straight up makeup brush cleaner. That is what it’s designed for. And you just want to pour a small amount into your jar. You do not need a ton. I’ve had this giant one for over a year, I wouldn’t recommend this giant bottle unless you’re a professional makeup artist, I would just get a smaller one because it does evaporate easily, even from the bottle. I’ll link that for you in my Amazon shop, if you go to winapageant.com/shop, you can find this brand.


Next, I grab this old washcloth that I only use to clean my makeup brushes, to wipe my brushes on after. Starting with my blush brush, you’ll see the color fade quickly. You put in about one-third of the bristles into the solution in the jar. It soaks it up when you dunk it in slightly, then pull the brush up, as it sucks up all of the solution. That’s what you want, because now it’s all saturating there and it’s kind of doing its work. I let it sit for just a moment or two, and then I just brush it out onto the washcloth. Really super simple. And this one you can’t tell as much because this is my blush brush, and the bristles are even a little bit pink and I’m using a pink washcloth so it’s not quite as obvious, but you’ll be able to see how beautiful the brush comes out in the end. Now it’s a little bit moist still, so I’m just going to set it aside on the drying towel.


Now let’s do this one. This is my cream foundation brush, it’s been through a lot! I think this one is from Sephora. I’m going to do the same thing as with the first one.  Just the top bristles, a third of it in, and it soaks it up the rest of the way. You let it sit for a moment. I’m going to let that one go. Let’s do this other foundation brush, just enough to let it kind of soak up.


Now, you never want to tip your brush when it’s wet. You never want to tip it upward, because these bristles go all the way into where they’re clamped. You don’t want it to get wet inside of the clamp. Some people wash their brushes with water and shampoo and that’s fine, but then it gets in here and it starts to rot and mold and it can pull the bristles out, so that is what you don’t want to do.


The reason it evaporates so quickly is because it’s like an alcohol, and it will evaporate inside of your brush too. That’s what you want. You want it to actually not stay in those bristles for long. As soon as you wash it off, you want it to evaporate and just be done so the chemical is not still soaking in there. It’s that easy. This cleans so quickly. In this one, you can really tell that it’s coming off. That’s great!


Now sometimes what will happen, like with this one I can tell, yikes, this one probably hasn’t been cleaned in a while because a ton is coming out here, so I’m going to do it a second time. I can still see there’s a little bit left on it, so I’m just going to soak up another little bit, let it sit for a moment to work its magic there and then brush it out again. And obviously I’m moving around this washcloth. I’m not just brushing in the same area. I’m moving it around so I’m not picking up the old stuff too. It looks like I need a little bit more. And like I said, I don’t fill this glass because I know it’ll just evaporate so quickly, so I just put a little bit in at a time to make it super simple.


Now I would love to hear from you. How often do you actually clean your brushes? I’m curious. I guess it really does depend on how often you use your brushes too. If you’re not using your brushes every single day, then of course you don’t need to be washing your brushes every week or something, you know? But if you do use them every single day, like many of us pageant gals do, then you’re probably going to want to wash them more often.


Of course, if you are a professional artist, you’re probably washing them between every single client that you’re working with. So that’s why this brand is so great because it works so fast. Lastly, I’m going to do these small ones with what’s left. It does take a little bit of drying time, but not a ton because it’s that alcohol type of product,  like a rubbing alcohol wipe that evaporates fairly quickly.


So that’s that! I hope that I have encouraged you to wash your brushes. The benefit of washing your brushes is to really keep the bacteria off of your face. When you’re putting stuff on your face and then leaving it sit for a while, and then a week later you’re picking it up or the next day, and then you’re doing that for a week, then there gets to be some grimy stuff on these brushes. So, you just want to get that off of there so that you’re able to have the healthiest skin and that’s going to make the best foundation for any makeup that you apply.


I hope that this was helpful for you. Happy brush cleaning!


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170: Free Pageant Training for YOU

I’m happy to let you all know that I just updated the free pageant course. So if you are already a member of the free pageant course, it’s free. Just go and log in. If you go to freepageantcourse.com, you can log in there. If you’re not a member yet, go grab it!


Here are some great things that you get in the new updated course. I included ten mantras for pageant success. A mantra is a thing, a phrase or something that you can speak over yourself, and I’ve created ten of those for you. I actually found them in my own journey, and I want to share them with you. I even created a pageant timeline so that you know what you can prepare for at the state level, at the national level, even at the local level and international level. What do you need to do to ensure that you are competitive compared to the other women around you? You’ll find the answer in the course!


I also included the difference between worthiness and value, because you’ve probably heard a lot of people … I know I’ve heard a lot of women say that they’re doing their pageant because they want to prove they’re worth it. You do not want to compete in your pageant to prove your worthiness. Instead, what you’ve got to do is prove your value.


I share with you the game plan strategy, in this strategy we see what separates the winners from the losers, particularly the winners from the first runner-up. Which I was first runner-up many, many times before finally winning. And it’s a big difference. So I share this with you and so much more in the free pageant course.


I would love to hear what your favorite parts are about the free pageant course. If you have been a member in the past, you get all of the updates. You’ll find them when you log in. And if you haven’t, if you’ve never joined us before, please join us now. It’s free. Freepageantcourse.com is where you get all the goodies. I’ll see you there!

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139: What to Pack for Your Pageant

With everything on your mind during pageant week, the last thing you need is to forget something important (or not bring something you didn’t know you were supposed to bring!)

In this video, I share all the details of what to pack to make your pageant week (or month!) go smoothly. 


You’ll Hear:

⭐️ What to put in your Emergency bag
⭐️ Your Mary Poppin’s Rehearsal bag
⭐️ Your Winner’s Go-Bag
…and more!

And, be sure to get your hands on the FREE “Complete Pageant Packing Checklist” 

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