87: 3 Types of Pageant Interview Practice

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Hey, girl! Today is the day! If you are joining me on the day this podcast is live December 14th then you are in luck, chica! Today is the final 2016 Pageant Interview Master Class – “The 4 Steps to Gain Confidence in Your Pageant Interview”. This is the last time I’ll be teaching this exact material for free.


Join me Live on Facebook today at 3:00pm San Diego time (that’s 6:00pm ET) on the WinAPageant Facebook page. We’re talking about how to connect with the judges, and the 4 steps that HAVE to be a part of your pageant interview preparation strategy. If you are serious about winning your pageant this year, you need to be a part of this free training to get your ducks all lined up, girl!

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Ok.. let’s dive into today’s episode of the Win A Pageant Podcast. I’m your coach Alycia Darby. Most women know they need to practice for their interview, but it tends to get confusing on exactly HOW to practice. Today, I’m going to break down the 3 ways of practicing for your pageant and give you some examples of how you can do each one.


Self Practice

This is practice that doesn’t require much effort. It’s Googling around for questions online and then thinking in your mind how you may answer them. Or, flipping through pageant flash cards asking yourself questions. It’s low effort because it doesn’t require anyone else be a part of it. I believe this type of practice is important. So much so that I actually give all my VIP clients custom Flash Cards they can use to practice. But, this alone isn’t going to win you the pageant it’s easy to do, but doesn’t have much reward.


Real Life Practice

It requires far more effort. This is when you are interviewed by a media station or share a q-and-a from stage as visiting royalty at an appearance. It’s real life practice that requires some effort because it involves more than just you sitting at your desk. It requires a plan, an outfit, a microphone, a whole set of circumstances to support the practice. It pays off, too! But, still not as much as the third form of practice.


Mock Interview Practice

Ya can’t beat it! It takes a ton of effort, but has the greatest reward for your success in your pageant because it is a simulation of the actual experience. It gives you the best opportunity to feel the true emotions of the interview process and practice your skills in the exact environment. It takes some effort to set up because there are lots of other people involved, you are responsible to find a location, invite the right people, lead the process, explain it to the mock judges, film it, thank everyone… it’s not easy, but then if it were, everyone would be doing it.


If you want to win your pageant, you have to out-practice to out-perform the competition. A good rule-of-thumb is to plan a mock interview once a month. After monthly interviews, you’ll have the process down, you’ll know how to distinguish valuable verses silly feedback that you’ll get, and you’ll be practiced, but not rehearsed.


Mock Interview practice gives you the best opportunity to feel the true emotions of the interview process.


Not all practice is created equal. It is not enough to scroll through questions online and think you are prepared. Schedule a mock interview to get some experience to increase your confidence.
That my dear, is how you win a pageant!
Thank you so much for joining me today. I’ll see you this afternoon at Facebook.com/WinAPageant for our final Master Class of the year!


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85: The Truth About “Fake it ‘til you Make it”

episode-85-featured-image Today, I’m telling you the truth about the “Fake it ‘til you make it” concept. You’ve likely heard this phrase before when someone is trying to beef up their confidence toward an effort they aren’t prepared for.
Many pageant women think “Fake it til you make it” means to keep pretending you know what you’re doing until someone gives you a big break. As if, you could fake it over and over again and at some point someone will throw you a bone.
Those girls never actually make it. The people that have succeeded with this concept are the ones who have found the right tools and put in the work to make it.
Many people have succeeded in their careers by confidently claiming their knowledge, skills, or position before stepping into it. The difference between those that actually “Make it” really depends on who stops at the fake it part and who moves into the make it phase. YOU fake it, then YOU make it.
Making it is a learning process. It’s the phase of gathering information, trying new things, and growing your knowledge base until you no longer have to fake it because you’ve made it a part of who you are.
You have to actively participate in the making part, not just the faking part.
Gary Cohn is a great example of this.
He’s the current President of Goldman Sachs. He shared a cab with a financial big-wig who was starting a new branch of finance in his company. Gary claimed he knew all about the topic and was hired on the spot to start two weeks later. The truth is: he knew nothing at that moment, but he knew he could figure it out! In those two weeks he bought the only book he needed that walked him through every element of the topic until he knew more than anyone else. Now, Gary is the President of the financial giant worth almost 40-billion dollars. He faked it and then he made it.
We’re all faking it as we’re learning… the learning is the making process.
When I coach my clients, I tell them what the pageant expects. I help them to uncover their personal truth and then we blend that together, sometimes for the first time ever. My clients are wearing wardrobe they never would’ve considered, going from mascara and chap stick to full-face highlights and bronzer, and starting to walk taller than ever. They speak new confidence and realize their core values deeper than ever.
Ann Smarty is now an SEO expert in the online world. She started by buying a website called SEO Smarty and charging low rates for web services to gain a lot of clients she could learn from. For every client, she took a deep-dive into exactly what they needed and learned everything she could on the topic until she was an expert. Then, she raised her rates and is now serving businesses around the world.
The learning process is a transformation process from knowing nothing (or very little) to becoming a master. In pageantry, it’s Making YOU into a titleholder. For the first little while you’ll be faking it with the new wardrobe, posture, confident expression, and clear communication. But soon, you’ll have made it a part of who you are.

Determine your “it” – what is it that you need to master
Find the best training tool you can to minimize time and maximize results
so you aren’t faking it for a long time
Make it happen! Learn until it becomes a part of you

Don’t skip the “Make it” part or you’ll never get there.
Fake it until you Make it… but absolutely MAKE it a part of who you are.
And, that my dear, is how you win a pageant.

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82: These Women Are Ready for Their Pageant Interview

episode-82-featured-imageI’m gushing at the seams from how proud I am of the women in the Pageant Interview Game Plan. They are so dedicated to their success and by their ‘success’ I don’t just mean them winning the pageant, but influencing their community in such a powerful way.
The Pageant Interview Game Plan is an online course that consists of 4 modules: Set Your Foundation, Plan Your Answers, Prepare to Dazzle, and Game Day: Showtime! These are the four steps that must be followed to nail your pageant interview. Each module is broken up into individual lessons that have homework for each one to get you further down the path to success. It’s designed to allow you to finish one module every week.
Some of the women are flying through it much faster and others are taking their time to allow it to soak in a little deeper. Either way is fine because when you join, you have on-going access to it, so there’s really no time limit except for when you have to compete, of course!
It comes with a Play Book that serves as a guide to get to know yourself, clarify your mission, research what the pageant is looking for, determine your stance on controversial issues, and tons of stuff that will transport you easily from confusion to clarity.
It also comes with access to a private group on Facebook that is only open to members of the course. This is where I get to see all the magic happening! Every week day, I jump into the Facebook Group and get to answer questions to help my students excel in the program. And, boy-oh-boy are they taking advantage of this personal coaching opportunity!
I wanted to share with you some of what is happening in there so you could see if this is a community that may help you with your pageant interview.

Samantha said, “I’m competing in Miss Arizona USA this weekend! Soooo thankful for this coaching. I feel so prepared and confident.” I love the emoji she used it’s the cha-cha gal in the red dress, you know which one I mean. That’s one of my favorite emoji’s! haha
Courtney competed just 3 weeks after she got into the program and she was sharing gratitude for her supporters and said:”To my coach, Alycia Darby, without her services I would have walked into that interview still and awkward. You let me be myself and I can’t wait to train even harder this year so we bring that crown home! Thank you for believing in me.” Courtney is a model and rockstar with her platform. She’s providing so much nourishment to the other women in the group. Everyone knows her by now!
Rita is a computer science major and recently interviewed with Microsoft. She said, “Who would’ve thought that pageant interview prep would have helped me with my first round of interview with Microsoft?!” It was all about personality and she knew herself well enough that she could confidently speak about herself even to a Microsoft rep!
Caitlen competed 2 weeks into the course and finished as first runner-up! Afterward, she posted a picture of her stunning interview outfit and willingly shared all the details of where she got it all. She wrote, “I placed 1st Runner up at the Miss Oregon USA pageant. Alycia’s interview game plan works! I felt so confident going into my interview. Thank you again.”
Angie and her daughter Emily are in the Game Plan. When Emily was competing this weekend, her mom was posting photos for us to be able to cheer her on! Her mom wrote, “Emily had an outstanding interview! She said the judges were sad that the time was up and she made them laugh. I think that’s a good sign!”
You’re right, Angie that is a great sign!!

You’ve heard me say before that with me, you always get more than you pay for. I love presents, surprises, and treats so I promise to over-deliver every time. In the case of the Pageant Interview Game Plan, I have a ton of bonus trainings to help with other areas of competition as well.
Like the wardrobe style guide – This training breaks down how to define your personal style and what to wear in the interview room.
There’s also a training that shows you how to stand, pose, and move on stage to model your gown, active-wear, and swimsuit, and how to walk in general.
When you join the Pageant Interview Game Plan, you have the option to get a Mock Interview with me over Skype. I record the interviews so you can watch them back and give yourself feedback. At the end of the mock interview, I always give an assignment and Amanda literally finished her assignment within 30 minutes and posted it in the group for immediate feedback. With that speed of implementation, she’s gonna be a huge success!
She came to her interview completely prepared in hair and makeup and accessories! I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was wearing her heels, too! She’s an A-player, for sure.
I learned so much from speaking with Samantha. She is extremely well-read and experienced in a variety of areas of human behavior. She’s a true leader.
I’d like to invite you to join us in the Pageant Interview Game Plan.
We are right in the middle of the enrollment period for the Game Plan, so you can join now (unless you’re listening to this podcast a month after it launched, then you may have to wait until sometime in the new year when enrollment opens again).
But as the time of this podcast airing, it’s open for you to join! Private Coaching like this would usually cost you $900 every time you wanted the support. This program is less than $300, and since our group is relatively small still, you’ll be able to get lots of personal attention.

You can get all the details about the program at Interview.WinAPageant.com

I know the women in our group would love to welcome you and support your training. Plus, they would so appreciate your support, too!
I’d love to be your teacher, mentor, and coach to guide you toward a successful pageant interview.
If you have questions about whether or not it’s right for you, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be able to advise one way or the other.
If you know you’re ready to grab the bull by the horns and make it happen, join us! Go to Interview.WinAPageant.com
I’ll see you in the Game Plan!

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