118: Should I Wear Panty Hose During My Pageant Interview?

Today’s Question comes from Lisbeth. She asks: Pantyhose – yes or no? The bare-legged look has been popular for a long time. Does it apply to interview? How about evening gown, especially if the gown has a slit? I generally liked going bare-legged during evening gown since I may be wearing open toed shoes, but even if I’m not, bare feet give me more a grip on the sole of my shoe. But interview….what is your advice? Thank you!

Thank you, Lisbeth!


A little education to start. Pantyhose are different than tights. Tights are thicker and have much more coverage. Pantyhose are sheer. They became big in the 60’s when women were sick of holding up stockings with girdles. That’s why your grandmother may think it indecent to go to church, work, or on stage without them.

But, since 1995, the corporate culture of pantyhose that kept sales high has started to relax. Pantyhose are no longer a dress code requirement for even big companies like the Mayo Clinic. But then – more recently, celebrities like Kate Middleton, Ariana Grande and Beyonce started wearing pantyhose again as a matter of personal fashion style. Now, pantyhose no longer have the connotation of decent covering, but of personal expression.

So, Lisbeth – pantyhose aren’t necessarily expected, nor are they even encouraged. If you want to wear them, it won’t be looked down on because it is simply a matter of style and preference.

To your point, there are a few things to consider if you’re going for the pantyhose look:

1. Buy the expensive ones so you can make sure they are quality-made.
2. Get the right size and color for your leg tone.
3. Keep extra pairs handy in case you get a snag.
4. Wear shoes that hide the toe seam
5. Try to avoid the ones with extra material at the toes or the control top ones.
6. And by all means, practice in them to be sure they don’t stick to your dress or interview outfit, forcing you to pull it down constantly.

Thanks for writing in, Lisbeth – I hope this helps inspire your inner fashionista and frees you with the power to choose 🙂

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116: Best Pageant Shoes and Empowering Women with Fashion Designer, Johnathan Kayne

In this episode, Alycia interviews Johnathan Kayne. Johnathan “Kayne” Gillaspie was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in Music City, he became enamored with fashion by watching his favorite country music legends Dolly and Reba perform and walk the red carpet. Kayne began cultivating his creative design eye by helping two of his five sisters prepare their wardrobe for national pageants.


He began his fashion career working as a sketch artist and buyer at a local evening wear boutique in 1998. Kayne graduated magna cum laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and won the acclaimed “Critics Choice Award “for evening wear.


A successful fashion designer and business owner, Kayne was selected to compete on Project Runway Season 3 in 2006, where he placed in the Top 5 designers. He launched the Johnathan Kayne dress line and award winning shoe line produced by Benjamin Walk Corporation in 2007.


2012, Kayne moved his home and business to Nashville, TN with a focused plan to be the Red Carpet Designer of the South. Kayne serves as a fashion expert for Country Weekly, Zuus Country, and NStyle country. Dubbed as a “genius designer” by Heidi Klum and “a designer who knows how to make clothes and fit a woman’s body” by Michael Kors, his designs have appeared on the world’s biggest stars and most prestigious red carpets. His celebrity clients now include Jennifer Lopez, Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Kelly Pickler, Tanya Tucker, Lee Brice, and Rascal Flatts.


Follow Johnathan Kayne:

Instagram: @JohnathanKayne
Facebook: JohnathanKayne
Twitter: @Johnathan_Kayne
Youtube: JohnathanKayne  

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105: How Should I Wear My Nails for My Pageant?


Podcast Cover Photo Template-single-01Before we dive into today’s episode, I want share some love from my pageant sister, Brittany on Amazon, she writes, Alycia’s words are the perfect recipe to spark a fire in your pageant preparation journey. I have watched the majority of the videos on the Win A Pageant YouTube channel, but there’s something about reading it that helps me retain the information better. Her tips and advice encouraged me to fully launch my legacy project and with 5 weeks left until Miss Texas United States, I joined her Pageant Interview Game Plan to really kick it into gear. If you are serious about winning your pageant, Alycia is your girl! She may like seeing you win more than you will!! Don’t waste another second, get this book. 🙂


105_Amazon Review


Thank you so much for your kind words, Brittany. If you haven’t left a review, I’d love to hear from you. Go to WinAPageant.com/Book – scroll down to Leave a Customer Review


Onto our episode. Today’s question comes from Joanna…


3 Ways to do your nails for your pageant:


Recommended Types:

  1. Glue-Ons/Press-ons
  2. Grow your nails and paint them as-is
  3. BEST OPTION: Gel manicure

Recommended Colors:

  1. French Tip
  2. Natural Beige
  3. Natural Pink

That my dear, is how to wear your nails for your pageant.


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83: What to Wear to Pageant Rehearsal


episode-83-featured-image Wardrobe is always worth considering. It’s a contestant’s worst nightmare to arrive to the first pageant rehearsal in sneakers and an oversized t-shirt you wore to the gym in college only to find all the other girls dressed in their Sunday best – even though the paperwork said to dress ‘comfortably.’


“Comfortable” is a relative adjective. To pageant girls, it means to skip the Jessica Simpson shoes for their Michael Kors wedges and exchange rhinestones and lace for spandex and silk.


In today’s episode, I’m going to teach you how to decide what to wear to your pageant rehearsal. In a competition, you have to be your best all the way around. You have to exude excellence from the very beginning – that means planning your wardrobe so it’s up to snuff with the competition… in fact, it is better than the competition.


You’ll want to select all of your rehearsal outfits in advance and pack them according to the day you’ll wear them. I recommend having your outfits start off more subdued and then save the dressier ones for closer to the pageant day. It does two things: First, usually you’ll be doing more movement in the earlier days like learning the dance and stuff so you’ll want to be more comfortable and second, as you get closer to the title, you’ll want to step up your game and feel more like a queen.


Also, consider the branding of the pageant itself. Miss International and Galaxy pageants are very glitzy and high-glamour; think: rhinestones galore. The Miss USA pageant is high-fashion model-type, so less rhinestones and more Calvin Klein appeal. The Miss America system is somewhat more conservative than others but still stylish and high-class.


The trick here is to envision you’ve already won. What would you wear
if you already won the title.


I want to break down three easy steps that will take you about 60-seconds to consider and help you plan your wardrobe for a week or more of pageant rehearsals.


First, name your style.

I call my style, “professionally-fit.” Most days of the week, I’m rockin’ lulu leggings and a brightly colored blouse. When I go shopping, I have a vision in my head, maybe even a Pinterest board on my phone to consider if what I’m about to try on or buy fits my style. If not, I skip it. If yes, move onto step #2.


Second, consider the context

Of course, you’ll consider the context being the fact that you are competing in a beauty pageant, so you can’t win if you’re wearing loafers and a ripped t-shirt from 7th grade. So, there’s that. But what I mean here is to consider what you’ll be doing in rehearsal on each day. If you’re learning the opening number dance that day, you’ll want to wear something more moveable. If you’ll be in the freezing cold auditorium from 7am to 7pm, wear lots of layers.


Third, make it cover-ready

This is the final step. You’re in the dressing room fully clothed in your new potential outfit. I want you to consider this: if someone took your picture and posted it on the front of your favorite magazine, would you approve? Always wear something that you’d approve of in photos because you will be photographed and you will regret flats, pants that are a size too big, and a pilling sweater.


Most rehearsals request that contestants wear snappy casual clothes – that’s something you’d wear on a first date or on a night out with the girls. Usually jeans, trendy top, fashionable accessories. Some pageants, like the Miss International Pageant have a culture of glitz and glam even in the rehearsals. Since there is no talent portion of that pageant, it’s easier to wear a cocktail dress to rehearsal – and many of them do. I didn’t.


Great outfits to consider for any pageant rehearsal are: Jumpsuits, rompers, sheath dresses – they are classy, trendy, and easy to dress up and comfortable for all day sitting, standing and dancing in.


What you wear will largely impact how you feel and ultimately, how you preform on stage that week. So, get yourself together, dress it up, step into your future title. Don’t over-think it, of course, but don’t forget it either.


Because, that, my dear, is how you win a pageant.


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82: These Women Are Ready for Their Pageant Interview


episode-82-featured-imageI’m gushing at the seams from how proud I am of the women in the Pageant Interview Game Plan. They are so dedicated to their success and by their ‘success’ I don’t just mean them winning the pageant, but influencing their community in such a powerful way.

The Pageant Interview Game Plan is an online course that consists of 4 modules: Set Your Foundation, Plan Your Answers, Prepare to Dazzle, and Game Day: Showtime! These are the four steps that must be followed to nail your pageant interview. Each module is broken up into individual lessons that have homework for each one to get you further down the path to success. It’s designed to allow you to finish one module every week.

Some of the women are flying through it much faster and others are taking their time to allow it to soak in a little deeper. Either way is fine because when you join, you have on-going access to it, so there’s really no time limit except for when you have to compete, of course!

It comes with a Play Book that serves as a guide to get to know yourself, clarify your mission, research what the pageant is looking for, determine your stance on controversial issues, and tons of stuff that will transport you easily from confusion to clarity.

It also comes with access to a private group on Facebook that is only open to members of the course. This is where I get to see all the magic happening! Every week day, I jump into the Facebook Group and get to answer questions to help my students excel in the program. And, boy-oh-boy are they taking advantage of this personal coaching opportunity!

I wanted to share with you some of what is happening in there so you could see if this is a community that may help you with your pageant interview. 

Samantha said, “I’m competing in Miss Arizona USA this weekend! Soooo thankful for this coaching. I feel so prepared and confident.” I love the emoji she used it’s the cha-cha gal in the red dress, you know which one I mean. That’s one of my favorite emoji’s! haha


Courtney competed just 3 weeks after she got into the program and she was sharing gratitude for her supporters and said:”To my coach, Alycia Darby, without her services I would have walked into that interview still and awkward. You let me be myself and I can’t wait to train even harder this year so we bring that crown home! Thank you for believing in me.” Courtney is a model and rockstar with her platform. She’s providing so much nourishment to the other women in the group. Everyone knows her by now!


Rita is a computer science major and recently interviewed with Microsoft. She said, “Who would’ve thought that pageant interview prep would have helped me with my first round of interview with Microsoft?!” It was all about personality and she knew herself well enough that she could confidently speak about herself even to a Microsoft rep!


Caitlen competed 2 weeks into the course and finished as first runner-up! Afterward, she posted a picture of her stunning interview outfit and willingly shared all the details of where she got it all. She wrote, “I placed 1st Runner up at the Miss Oregon USA pageant. Alycia’s interview game plan works! I felt so confident going into my interview. Thank you again.”


Angie and her daughter Emily are in the Game Plan. When Emily was competing this weekend, her mom was posting photos for us to be able to cheer her on! Her mom wrote, “Emily had an outstanding interview! She said the judges were sad that the time was up and she made them laugh. I think that’s a good sign!”
You’re right, Angie that is a great sign!!



You’ve heard me say before that with me, you always get more than you pay for. I love presents, surprises, and treats so I promise to over-deliver every time. In the case of the Pageant Interview Game Plan, I have a ton of bonus trainings to help with other areas of competition as well.

Like the wardrobe style guide – This training breaks down how to define your personal style and what to wear in the interview room.

There’s also a training that shows you how to stand, pose, and move on stage to model your gown, active-wear, and swimsuit, and how to walk in general.

When you join the Pageant Interview Game Plan, you have the option to get a Mock Interview with me over Skype. I record the interviews so you can watch them back and give yourself feedback. At the end of the mock interview, I always give an assignment and Amanda literally finished her assignment within 30 minutes and posted it in the group for immediate feedback. With that speed of implementation, she’s gonna be a huge success!

She came to her interview completely prepared in hair and makeup and accessories! I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was wearing her heels, too! She’s an A-player, for sure.

I learned so much from speaking with Samantha. She is extremely well-read and experienced in a variety of areas of human behavior. She’s a true leader.

I’d like to invite you to join us in the Pageant Interview Game Plan.
We are right in the middle of the enrollment period for the Game Plan, so you can join now (unless you’re listening to this podcast a month after it launched, then you may have to wait until sometime in the new year when enrollment opens again).

But as the time of this podcast airing, it’s open for you to join! Private Coaching like this would usually cost you $900 every time you wanted the support. This program is less than $300, and since our group is relatively small still, you’ll be able to get lots of personal attention. 


You can get all the details about the program at Interview.WinAPageant.com

I know the women in our group would love to welcome you and support your training. Plus, they would so appreciate your support, too!

I’d love to be your teacher, mentor, and coach to guide you toward a successful pageant interview.

If you have questions about whether or not it’s right for you, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be able to advise one way or the other.

If you know you’re ready to grab the bull by the horns and make it happen, join us! Go to Interview.WinAPageant.com

I’ll see you in the Game Plan! 

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54: Answers to Your Pageant Questions


Podcast Cover Photos-19Today’s episode is a little different.  I get a lot of questions over email and social media. Quick questions that have a pretty short and to-the-point answer. I always respond to anyone who messages or emails me – so please don’t be shy if you have a question!

A few weeks ago, I posted some answers to your questions on YouTube, and I wanted to make sure you got the answers here, too. These are really great questions – most of them are about wardrobe choices for various phases of competition, and there’s one whammy one at the end about current events.